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  1. hunter missions (brown thunder) tops all, you know what i mean when you try it especily when you get to level 300 - over, of course it takes time but worth it
  2. there is a "no hunger" cheat but if your going for 100% cheats are not recomended and also when you complete level 12 on the paramedic missions your health goes all the way to max health even if you've got the lowest health (health you start off with) of course paramedic missions are quite tricky to do
  3. you could of got hungry and died as when you get hungry you lost fat 1st then muscle and finaly health depletion, only problem in GTA SA
  4. very good point but it ruins your chance of getting 100% completion, i think anyway the best way to get masses of cash is to do the "brown thunder" missions i got over level 300 and was earning about $6,000,000 each level this has got to be the best way, but you'll oviousley need the hunter, but still
  5. -NAVI-

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    im going to make it easy fuse all current GTA's including the map (mega large map)together it could be called "GTA liberty andreas city stories V" lol of course your need a computer/console that can run it as it would take alot of memory up but its worth checking out
  6. hi all iv just joined im sure you all will welcome me here p.s glad to be part of the forums
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