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  1. what ur favorite thing to do in san andreas? Theres a lot for me though, i like the fact that there are gyms so u can get bigger,strength and stamina,schools(for getting ur license) and stores for eating to gain energy Also i like the fact that you can get places a lot easier like taking a plane, a train ride,by car,by boat,by swimming, and a lot of other ways and lastly one of the best things to do is the fact that u have total control, like ur bored u can go to the bar and play sum pool, u can go to the club,get sum hommies and go shoot up a block, go to the casino, go fix up sum things on ur car, or even go to a lowrider meet, wit this game almost anything is possible in games nowadays
  2. alrite, im at 61% of the game and im stuck, there are no more missions, i finished fireman,and vigalante but i dunt think those matter for going on and gettin new missons cause those can be done at the end, also i've completed the races, i have all the robbery's, im bought all the safe houses and all the places u need to buy, ( 15 places owneddddd) i have a high criminal rate at lik 8000 with assoiciate level and my highest criminal rating ever was ---stuff of legends---(the highest it can go), i finisheddd all the assests for generating the most money, now i dunt kno wut to do cause there aren't any more missions to do, unless mayb i have to finish the ambulance,pizza boy and that but i doubt it... so can someone tell me wut happened????????
  3. i got it for ps2, but i got vice city for xbox and compared to the ps2 graphics on xbox its way better, if san andreas for xbox came out same time as ps2 i wud get the xbox version probobly,
  4. san andreas is probobly the closest so far, to real life, where u can have multiple girlfriends, go to a club, play basketball,eat to gain ur strength and go to the gym, go to the store and check out wut clothes and jewlerry they got race wit cars and modify them, and a lot more, i dun't think any other games come close to that kind of material
  5. weather changes are good, but the thing with san andreas is its way to bright and the weather changes from like really sunny to a sandstorm in lik 3 seconds, instead there shud be like snow in the winter like most ppl sed, u shud have cars that need fuel, u shud be able to go to a clinic or something instead oof going to the store and eating to get ur health back, i dun't think it needs to be bigger cause then it wuldn't be as easy gettin around, and lastly there shud be time where people aren't up as much during the night, and u can pick up objects but a lot more needs to be added to the game...
  6. Does anyone know of any glitches like in vice city where u can get the game not to load like the ghost town, or underworld's??? And also, how do u get rides by train without actually driving it, i did it once and i forgot how and now i dunt kno how to anymore.......
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