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  1. nightwishmaster

    side characters

    or Ken Rosenberg?
  2. nightwishmaster

    What do you like to be in VCS that wasen't in Vice City?

  3. nightwishmaster

    What Kind of Map Layout for next GTA

    hmm... well i kind of hate the idea where the bridge's are destroyed or closed and they just happen to be open or fixed when you reach a mission
  4. nightwishmaster

    GTA4 graphics and physics?

    The car doors need to be thicker - gran turismo style cars (heavier and bulgier)
  5. nightwishmaster

    side characters

    Personally, I would like to see good ol' Lazlow as a playable charachter
  6. nightwishmaster

    Do you think it will come out in october 2007?

    yes Xbox is crappy.... the release date is October 25th 2007 but i think it will be delayed till december
  7. nightwishmaster

    Games similiar to SA

    i got "the getaway" and it was sucktastic so i replaced it with "Driv3er" and it is alright....
  8. nightwishmaster

    Games similiar to SA

    yeah i agree - the game has so much variety that its hard to beat
  9. nightwishmaster

    Do you think it will come out in october 2007?

    yeah it is supposed to come out October 19 or something like that...but with LCS for PS2 it was released 2 months after the official date
  10. nightwishmaster

    reset cheat count

    my cheat count says i have cheated 4092 times
  11. nightwishmaster

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    yeah im with you toxicbunny - no more missions where you when you just wanna get in a car and drive and you have to get rid of that RC mission crap...if they wanna put RC missions in it then they should only have them in the buildings (eg inside the Zero building) EDIT - and no more betreyals...i am sick of gta's storyline having bosses betray you and then having more bosses betray you...
  12. Rockstar have a little habit of bringing out games a few months down the line
  13. nightwishmaster

    Which one: GTAIII or GTALCS?

    hmm....the graphics are better in LCS but III has a nice storyline -- if they completely remade III properly and made him talk then it would be an instant classic....
  14. nightwishmaster

    PC version

    i would never buy it for PC...its too short and the graphics are horrible...it was a bit of a dissapointment really, I got bored of it within 2 weeks
  15. nightwishmaster

    LCS planes question

    planes cannot be flown in LCS - same deal with helicopters... There was a glitch with roofs and rockstar removed them at the last minute