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  1. I've been playing a Male Nord. Powerful looking type that doesn't want to be fucked with. I've been doing some Thieves Guild quests, and I'm enjoying them. The gear they give you looks pretty epic. The hood in particular. I've also been to the college of Winterhold. Not much of a magic user, but I found their quests to be pretty good. Then I finished the companion quests line and enjoyed it.

    Since I'm a Nord and I care for Skyrim (That's my kind of character atm) I joined the Stormcloak and their rebellion against the empire. So far I've got to Solitude and defeated the General. All that's left for me is to finish off Aludin the dragon, and then I'm done. Will have to brush off other quests when I get the time.

  2. Nothing really special sorry...

    You should show a little more constructive criticism so that this person can improve on their work. Just saying this isn't worthy of a full post.

    To BenF206, for a first, it's okay, it will need a lot more work if you're ever going to rival against others. The first thing that pops in my head is, where are all the shades on the jeans? it doesn't look as natural as Claude Speed's vanilla jeans. Everything else looks good.

    Also, this topic is in the wrong part of the forum, you should post your work here:


    Hope I've helped. :)

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  3. I've never played Oblivion to be honest.. I've never played any real traditional RPG (with magic et cetera). I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas though. Fallout 3 was.. well.. oke. Took some getting used to. Couldn't get over the fact that it actually isn't a shooter, so as far as gameplay goes, I just experienced it as the worst shooter ever. Then for New Vegas I finally had that rpg feel and I loved it.

    Is the Elder Scrolls very much different gameplaywise? Would I enjoy Skyrim if I liked New Vegas a lot?

    I think you should try out Oblivion, and see what the fuss was all about. Cause I think you'll appreciate Skyrim more if you played Oblivion already.

    Plus, the guys who made Fallout 3 were Bethesda Softworks. New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who were formally Black Isle Studio (The guys that made Fallout 1 and 2).

  4. This topic sounds like it's intended to provoke. It sounds too dramatic than what it says on the new site. Maybe you should change the title of this topic to something more appropriate.

    Firstly, my father isn't from this country, he's from India. Is he a terrorist? Nope. He's not. Secondly, calling someone who comes from the other side of world a terrorist is unjustified. Everyone who lives an unprivileged life will most likely want to move away from it to get a better life. Many of most will be immigrants. Take for instance Niko Bellic, from GTA4. He came to America for the sole purpose of moving on with his life, to move from the past, and maybe to close some chapters in his life. Many people will want to do that (Of course, with GTA4, he still goes killing people, but you get the point about moving on).

    And note, immigrants are NOT aliens, they're people, like me and you.

    You also may want to calm down a little, cause if you do go a little further, well, you should know the consequences.

  5. When GTA came out in 1997 or 1998, I was around 4-5 years old. So yeah, I was a playa' back then. :P

    Honestly though, back when I played it nobody really cared. Only my brother knew I was playing it and that I was under-age, but I got older, and now, it doesn't really bother me. Back when I was young I never really did anything bad (I was usually considered a good boy by my parents, lol).

  6. @Artur:

    It's good to see you again, and yes, I remember that sig! I think I still have .PSD file on my old Comp! :P

    @Dirty Harry:

    I remember you. Me, you and others were part of LCF when the gang days were active. It's been a while since then.


    Good to know that this place is still running, and it's nice to hear that you're exploiting the announcement of GTAV to help the activity of this forum grow, pretty much like when GTAIV was announced. In any cases, I wish you luck Chris. :)


    It's been a while since I last heard from you. If my memory serves, we use to post a crap-load of posts in the "Random Posts & Topic" forum, when it existed, right? That was some good and funny days we had.

    And yes, I was a moderator on here for one year.


    Noru, bro, it's been a while. It's been a long while. Last I remember seeing you was back in 2008-2009, but after that you simply vanished. But it's good to know you're still alive and kicking!

    Honestly, it's good to hear from the lots of you. :)

  7. Hello guys and gals,

    Those of you who know me, well damn, it honestly feels like a decade has past since I last visited here (It's only been 2-ish, maybe 3 years now if you count it being 2012). But yeah, I can happily say it feels good to be back, and yes, I'm staying, hopefully for longer. But nowadays, I have college-university work/study to do, so I'll be pretty busy.

    But honestly, have I missed much? Other than GTA V of course. Or have things been pretty quiet on the forum?

    In any case, it feels good to be back. Hope to get active soon.



  8. At the moment I've got only this academic year left at college. I'm doing a BTEC National in IT, and I'm thinking of studying Computer game design when I head to uni. The course I'm doing right now is based around Computer Science, which is really getting boring, the only stream I like is Software Development (Which I'm going to be doing when I get back to college).

    I might do games programming, or games artist. I'd like to do both, but I don't know any particular degree that can allow me to do both. I probably might stay local and go to any universities nearby (There's quite a few where I live).


    MGS: Rising was pretty interesting. May not be the same game, but damn, it looks pretty entertaining, just dismembering your enemies to pieces is pretty cool.

  9. I don't. It doesn't really cost that much, I know that. I just gave an example of games that could cost up to that much, that are maybe released in a 1 year interval.

    Besides, the last Fifa game I brought was around a decade ago. Since then, I've been borrowing it off my mates. :P

  10. EA are generally scum, but after all, they are a business, trying to earn money. The reason this online pass exists is so that others who get it used, won't be able to experience online. If someone buys it new, then you get it, but getting it used means they don't earn the cash.

    So to sum up:

    Used games = Cheaper for us, EA doesn't get the money from it. You also won't be able to play online if it's the case.

    New games = Expensive, EA gets the money, and you get the online pass to play online.

    All in all, I don't like this model. If they stop making shitty games like FIFA every year with the same old, same thing, then it's not worth the buy for around £60. Make games that have a longer development span, where new ideas can be implemented, it makes better sense and has some quality in it.

    The reason EA does this stuff is because they're falling into a hole where they're losing money because of shit games. If they make great games where there's more time for developers to polish, maybe they can get their way up from the hole and start earning some money.

    EA are either way, going to lose alot more money if this goes into shape.

  11. Firstly, studio m-LTD, there's no point in saying "Upload it to gtagarage.com". We have a download database for those who want to upload their mods on our website. Look around more before making something pointless.

    Firstly, log on to your account, then click on this link: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/

    It will lead you to the Mod download section of the website.

    You can from there, upload your mod. There's some links just where it shows your username. (Usually says "Upload Mod")

    I recommend you to read our Download Mod FAQ, if your mod doesn't get approved quickly or doesn't approve at all, read here: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/22398-moddownload-approval-faq/ Everything is explained in detail.

    If you're having other problems with uploading the Mod, then I suggest you reply to the topic link I've given you. Any other problems relating to other stuff, post in the approrpriate forums (e.g. If it's a general website problem, post in the suggestion's and feedback forum, or anything related to GTA, post in the forums provided in our forum, where relevant).

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  12. First of all:

    1. "Yo niggas... " Try to stop acting like an idiot. Nobody is going to take you seriously if you start if insulting.

    2. The member who posted this topic made most of his posts IN CAPITAL LETTERS. If you don't know already, typing a whole sentence in CAPITAL LETTERS MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING.

    3. There's already a topic to introduce yourself. Check here: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/18232-introduce-yourself/page__st__3100 This topic exactly mimics the topic that's already pinned up on this forum.

    4. This forum is not about introducing yourself, it's a members lounge, off topic place which you can talk about anything. If there are 2 topics, both have the same thing about it, what's the point in having them 2? Delete one of them to avoid getting confused.

    The mocking began because the member who made this topic up posted in CAPS LOCK, which makes you look unprofessional, that's why he wasn't taken seriously.

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