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    EA Launches Hostile Takeover Bid for T2

    Dude,this isnt about just the stupid intro that we all skip anyways the entire feeling of the GTA games would be RUINED! From the content to the storylines,everything.They maybe would look nice and graphically advanced,but hell,no GTA fan ever cares much about that. I personally feel very assured that T2 will NOT agree with the offer,not before GTA IV is released anyways. And After the release,EA said themselves that they wouldnt be interested in T2 anymore.

    EA Offers $2billion for Take Two

    I think that if EA does buy out Take-Two,than other than technology wise,EA should have little involvement in GTA. I'm more than sure they would make (T-Rated) storylines.Think of it this way,no more stripclubs. NOO! Take-Two shouldnt go accept the offer. And besides.Two great gaming companies is better than one.

    The Random Post Topic

    Five New GTA IV Screenshots has 666 views at the time of this writing!!!

    Inside Liberty City: Developer Diary

    Correct me If I'm wrong, But to me it seems the liberty lady has been parodied a bit. In the game its called the statue of happiness and it looks like its holding a beer can instead of that torch.


    The handling in GTA( just to rest that little argument earlier) IS a bit crappy, like you steer and the car reacts with a bit of a delay, and starts turning very fast,like it has an assist. What R* should do is STIFFEN the steering for more controlable driving. Heres something, with the new impoved handling, everyone 'll be able to pull off real nice stunts.

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    That would be Nice. But how possible? Some buildings could be pointless.

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    I'm sure it WILL be bigger. You see GTA III wasn't like an exact copy of NYC, so in GTA IV, they added lots of buildings that weren't in GTA III, and some of their own I'm sure. The point is, It is very likely to be bigger. One thing I AM worried is GTA IV no having country-outback like area, you know, like Red County in SA, Whetstone.

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Man,that trailer was like an orgasm. Lasted not long, but was awesome. I cant believe an hour already passed.

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    It HAS to be, I mean,by 2000nds, absolutely. Did you notice Chrysler 300c???
  10. CHEW-GUN

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    HAHA, and he only got 4 posts. Too much exitment I say.
  11. CHEW-GUN

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    At least you've got the GTA spirit. I dont understand what they all want from R*?? The russian guy is perfect, IT IS time to change. C'mon, all previous guys were american.
  12. CHEW-GUN

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Keep your "f***ing russian lowlife asshole" accent to minimum. DONT LIKE IT?? Well go cry about it to your mom. While the rest of us will play the game, and enjoy it. I hate f***ers who try creating opposite shit of what is real.
  13. CHEW-GUN

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    oh contrare my friend, it also said "LIBERTY FERRY TERMINAL" IT IS in Liberty, and dont even try proving anyone here wrong.
  14. CHEW-GUN

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    If you made a bet with me, I'd give 200 bucks. Sorry, But I find GTA IV absolutely awesome. Russian guy, shiit,I'm imigrated from Russia, so its great.