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  1. Can someone modify the uzi.ifp in game to Cj will aim and shoot with the Mp5 like Niko in Gta 4?I'm talking about this Mp5 Aiming
  2. Eh,the cars look pretty good but i'm sure if i'll use them,and about the script,I got it,but it sets the limit to 1000 at every weapon.It's ok,but I need one just like in 4,where each weapon has different limit(1500 pistol,1200 SMG,600 Assault).The script is Here.Now I just want to know what to modify,I tried the numbers(1000) but didn't work.
  3. Well I don't really need the cars,i'm ok with the SA ones,and I searched,but didn't found anything.I'll still search through.
  4. As I said,I don't know why I need,maybe make the SA look like Gta 4 because my PC cannot handle the game and I won't be buying another one for a pretty long time
  5. Asking for a mod so you can have limited ammo like in gta 4, OR Can I modify a file with something so can I have limited ammo? if you ask me why I need mods like this,I don't know
  6. Nope,nothing.Didn't found it
  7. Ok then,I'll still search,hope i'll find it.
  8. Nope,nothing,and GTAinside is surely disorganized.
  9. Is there a mod for SA which allows you to throw a grenade or molotov when you crouch OR target with the crosshair?Just like in Gta 4 because I didn't found any on google.If yes,please give me a link,if no,then just say no.
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  11. What system is recommended to play Gta 4 with good fps?
  12. That it will work,but I don't understand why it doesn't work only in SA-MP.
  13. It works,but only in SA-MP. And I have CLEO.
  14. Well that's not the way because: Doesn't work There are 2 files Go to the link and you'll see that it's a CLEO mod
  15. Can someone tell me how to install this mod?The installation has no readme file http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-san-andreas/cleo-mods/6599
  16. Yep,the HUD was OFF.Thanks everyone for help!And that was the cause why I didn't have the SA HUD.Thanks again guys. Please lock.
  17. Nope,still the same.In addition,when I uninstall the game and install it back,I don't have the Gta sa hud,it shows nothing.And I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly.
  18. Today I installed some mods:Cover system,Gta 4 camera and Gta 4 hud and Gta 4 weapons all for Gta San Andreas.Everything is fine,except this:http://img189.imageshack.us/i/gtasa2011041820261996.jpg/ What should I do so I can see how much ammo I have.If you want to see the mods go to this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK2_5G9TpWw Thanks in advance. P.S:I made the video
  19. TUN3R I only did the missions because san andreas is pretty new for me and all I did was the paramedic missions and sorry for saving READ ONLY If you want,you can use it too,and the last thing,thanks very very much.
  20. I would like someone to help me and do the all of Zero's missions in this save. Click here If you ask,I used HESOYAM pretty much,but not for money,for health.After you completed the missions,please put a download link. Thanks!
  21. Th3MaN1

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    More weapons More cars Skateboards A crosshair just like in SA More realistic
  22. I would like to know if there is a mod for SA which enables you to use a cover system just like in Gta 4.If yes,please give me a link to it.
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