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  1. anyway today was laundry day for me and watch some football slow sunday.......................... :zZZ: :zZZ: :zZZ:
  2. Some one is going to hell............."wait" you said there is no hell or god so you will go into oblivion in all of eternity
  3. I have as you know a really old piece of [email protected]# and i come to an conclusion of maybe i should look into of buy a " donor pc ?" that have no HHD so i can swap the HHD from this pc and put into another pc that is more powerful but i want to say in a budget and my hardest and most difficult task is that of where to get it? now i trust 2 place amazon and some of my local retailer like " Best Buy and Walmart " so far i have no luck but i found place that have what i am looking for and i want to see if anyone did any purchase from them and what about EBAY are they trusted ? http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=WSYS199-NOHDD-PB-2R&cat=SYS
  4. YAWN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>! 11.31AM in the morning.................take a shower............and i will continue to updated my desk and do my routines BS for the rest of the day
  5. Me Dealing with belkin lack of customer service that is run by a bunch of idiot Still modding my new desk " almost there " Eat lunch tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato Listing to NERD RAGE on YouTube..........tooooooooooooo epic and SMILEYFACE ! Watch classic ECW and WWF matches Some blogging Clean the front yard More modding to my desk to 8pm Now Talk to my buddy at the GTAPLACE ! HOLLA !
  6. I got banned a few times but they are " asian run forums " mostly is asian music and gamer forum and they got tired of me and the way i think of my opinion and if you disagree with them few warning or suspension and then bang they BANNED me and i don't give a [email protected]# to there politic so i join other gaming forum forum that my people tell me about or word of other forum and they are owned and run from difference part of europe including ireland and german and is cool by me since i am a little but of everything !
  7. Yea Thx for the support i got some news i e-mail dell " why " maybe they can throw me some parts i hope but is would THUMB UP !......I keep you posted !
  8. Let me first by saving that i glad to be back because back in sept 2011 in the early morning hours some [email protected]# broke in by lifting my screen and window and stolen my $1200 mid-range laptop that was my life also stolen almost $40.00 in change but since the police came and they try there best is still an active cases and i did meet the detective and they saw what happen but still i was out of a pc for a total of 6 or more week so since i'm legally disabled and the state gave me bi-weekly benefit is will not cover for a new pc so i try to find the city or organization to help but no prevail and so i was at the library and i saw a website a non profit that sell pc at a discount and so i fill the application and i wait a few day "nothing" so i call them and they told that receive it and are willing to go out there and my old problem i want a new pc like 2008/2010 those era and they told me is a few years old 1 or 2 yrs to be exact but when i got out there is more like 5yrs old but at the end of day i need a pc and i pay $50.00 which included the pc/monitor/keyboard/mouse and a 90 warranty so my pc is a dell optiplex gx240 w/ P4 1.7GHZ/512mb/80GB/CDROM also i have to called logitech to get replacement receiver since the only were on my laptop usb so now i want to find out is this pc upgradable or is not worth it ? let me know
  9. UPDATED............ I got a letter from cyberpower system "aka dynex power surge" regarding my claim and is was denied and they basic that the power surge was not damage or can see what the unit didn't protect my laptop and this is part that really kick me in the guts and is hurt "you may contact your manufacture to see if they can replace the damage on your computer" well on while i was awaiting for a decision i was on the phone with HP regarding fixing of my laptop and i ask and explain my problem with the laptop and the power surge and how it fail and will i have any coverage and they told me that if your laptop did or didn't have any warranty we will NOT cover it so i was :cry: :cry: : OMG my $900 laptop is USELESS :wtf: but i when on the offense and appeal to both company that they must do the right thing because i was by a dynex product from best buy because if i knew a third part was involve and this happen i would NEVER bought it
  10. No i got AVG and other anti-protection software but you these day any software can be punch and i was crying " serious i was " and upset and i i call my ISP because i was experience countless damage my pc was out for 3 day until i got it fix when HP execulation team sent me some recovery disk and i did have to deal with the "robot at the HP call center" apparently they don't care about my problem but they want that $50 for repair so thank to HP and after i got it fix my ISP reset everything and i happy but also in a few day i will be switch ISP because i got a better deal and this ISP is not reliable and there customer service suck but you get that everywhere......right!
  11. Hey guy/gal i'm back I will wait and see what happen
  12. Not beaten up LOL My computer Hack or Virus and i have to shutdown my ISP but i back baby
  13. rockstarspy.com Also there is a rumor that i read not from this site that Take Two/Rockstar will release classic GTA games to the console and pc...........can someone confirm it???? And i can confirming that my prediction that LA:Noire will be release for the PC.......SWEET!
  14. Her my reason why i bought it 1. Is was on sale for $40 back 4 yrs ago 2. Is come with a guarantee that if WE fail to protect your electronic we will compensated you 3. I will never by anything from monster why............you buying a name brand......ahem $80? 4. Monster is run by an sue-happy ceo that if you bad mouth his company........watch out!
  15. Updated Since they figured that i'm a good customer were moving forward.............. After he call and spoken to DYNEX they told him and BEST BUY told me they are going to move forward for a new claim but i have to call DYNEX insurance claim specialist which is another company call "CYBERDYNE" so i left a message and i wait to see what happen
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