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    GTA 5 Wishlist

    * I HAVE SEVERAL WISHES FOR THE ALL NEW GTA * SO I'VE PUT THEM IN 4 SEPERATE MENU'S, THAT'S MAKES IT EASIER TO READ * GAMEPLAY * When arrested, you are taken to the police station, and be interrogated. You'll be able control this interrogation yourself, with several sentences you can choose from. * You'll be able to choose where to live, every residential building is buyable en sellable. This way, you can choose where you want your safehouse to be. * Your safehouses have several extra's like driveway's, docking station (boat), helipad, and runway. * Everything parked on your property will be saved (car, bicycle, motorcycle, boat, helicopter, and airplane). * You'll be able to hire guards (along with dogs), so your properties are guarded. * You can enter all buildings without extra loading time between the streets and the interiors. * You can talk to anyone, everywhere, and you can control your conversations, with several sentences you can choose from. * You'll be able to hang out with more friends at the same time. * You'll be able to take your friends along on a mission. * There's a countryside, entire beautiful areas with waterfalls, forests, and wild animals. * Wapenmenu just the same as in Red Dead Redemption. * There also are horses, and you can also learn to ride a horse. * There are more animals in the game. * There are children in the game. * You'll have the ability to set up a camp (camper/tent), and save at the campsite (RDR). * There'll be more tourists in the game, wich you can fool in several ways. * The airports will able to use again, and there'll be more cities to go to. * There'll be crooked cops. * The classic radio station will be back. * You can visit more public places (disco/restaurant/poolcentre, etc.) * In safehouse: useable toilet/usable kitchen (make your own food)/ability to redecorate (refurnish)/ability to control all light and electronics. * ODD JOBS/SIDEMISSIONS * cut weed (remember 'The Truth'? --GTA SA--, he had lots of weed) * drug courier (as in GTA IV) * taximissions (the taximissions are to much fun, they must come back) * valet parking (as in GTA SA) * racing driver (to be able to go to an actual circuit and get racing) * trainmissions (traindriver/conducter) * vigilante missions (standard police missions as known) * bountyhunter (to catch criminals without heaving to work for the police) * undercover missions (heavy police missions) * espionage (to be a kind of private detective) * army missions (tanks/heavy trucks) * paramedic missions (ambulance/helicopter) * fire missions (firetruck/helicopter) * pimping missions (as in GTA SA) * pizza delivery (as in GTA VC) * assassin (as in GTA IV) * imposter/swindler (to set someone on the wrong track * intruder (to commit fraude) * pit-crew member (extra missions beside racing driver missions) * computer technician/hacker (to get/encrypt someone's files) * telephone technician (to put a tap in someone's phone) * secretary (to know what's someone's up to) * plumber (to cause a disaster within a building) * electrician (to cut the power off in certain buildings, but no one will notice) * carpenter/contractor (to build properties) * decorator (to paint properties) * smith (as in goldsmith or blacksmith) * photographer (to work for the press) * cook (in restaurant) * salesman (in cardealership/clothesstore) * musician/rockstar (learn to play several instruments) * SHOPS IN GAME * cardealership * motorcycle dealership * bicyclestore * custom shop with: electronics (audio/video/gaming/alarm/sat nav/adaptive cruise control/esc/abs/internet) paintjobs (colors/different kinds of paint) body parts (body kits/spoilers/hoods/wingdoors) performance parts (runflat tyres/tune up your vehicle) car armor parts (to be able to get a full armor package on your vehicle) accessories (neon lights/hydraulics) * YOU ALSO MUST BE ABLE TO CONVERT A VAN (LIKE MOONBEAM) INTO A CAMPER * furniture store (like ikea) * music store (where you can buy instruments) * record store (to buy cd's/dvd's/games) * electronics store (stereo/television etc.) * supermarket (24-7) * video shop (to rent a video/dvd) * YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY PAY FOR YOUR PURCHASES, AND AWAIT YOUR ORDERS, THERE ALSO WILL BE A DELIVERY SERVICE, WICH DELIVERS YOUR ORDERS AT HOME * VEHICLES * You can't go on driving 'round forever, at some point you'll run out of fuel, and you'll have to visit a gasstation, or just steal another vehicle. * There'll also be garages, where you can let you vehicle get fixed when it's heavily damaged. When you have only light damage, you still can visit Pay & Spray. * You can control the trunk (for transport of certain people) * There'll be a breakdown service wich you can control when your vehicle won't start again. They will also have the ability to tow your vehicle to a garage. * There'll be difference in the vehicle density, depending on what day and what time you'll be driving. * You can lock up your own vehicles, motorcycles will have a chainlock or something like that. * You can turn off your vehicle when sitting in/on it. * The driving schools will be back (car/bike/boat/flying), your skill will also have an influence on your handling. Driving without a driver's licence will get you a ticket. * For small traffic violations or accidents with a police vehicle you'll get a ticket. When commited a crime you'll be arrested, and taken to the police station. When arrested, you'll see the whole drive to the police station. You'll have the 'Trip Skip' ability, but you can also try to bail out of the police car. * There'll be military vehicles again, also the 'No Flying Zone' will be back. * You can control al you vehicles functions (indicators/daylights/foglights/normal lights/main beam/electric windows/electric sunroof/carkit/sat nav/adaptive cruise control/esc & abs). * State vehicles (police, ambulance...) will also get out of the way when another state vehicle is coming with siren or flashing light on, or drive along with them. * When in/on a state vehicle you'll be able to control the siren and the flashing light seperately. * The Coach/Bus can carry more than 4 people again (as in VC) * There are regular busdrivers, no normal pedestrians behind the wheel of a bus. * You can use al kinds of public transport, and you can also choose not to pay in every forn of it. * When you get out of a taxi, you'll have 5 seconds to bail out without paying for the ride. * The taxi prices will be charged per mile. * When on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet, this must protect you at least a bit. * When driving a vehicle, you must be able to choose to not hold a weapon (as in Saints Row). * When being a passenger in any vehicle, you can choose any type of weapon. * When an NPC rans into a police vehicle or violates a traffic rule, they will also get a ticket from a police officer. GTA V TOTAL.rtf
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