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  1. Do you mod the game by running the game simultaneously if yes then it wont allow, you will have to switch the game off and then mod the game. "IF no then I DONT KNOW"
  2. Um do u know to modify the game using .dff and .txd, R u a modder or a game modifier coz I am both if u r modifying a game then u will have to open the respective .img files and replace dem with the downlo0aded one the modders might have given the info about it in their readme wat ever ask more exp modders of india lyk aanjaan

  3. hi fire wolf i have a question to ask from you i.e. where do the the mods appear in the game when we install them?

  4. Firewolf

    Need Help

    Try installing the mod manually by using imgtool2 or higher version
  5. Firewolf


    Why do you need cleo 3 mods for using some crazy trainers like infinite health or spawning any vehicle or getting any weapon right, so type San Andreas Control Centre, its a cool trainer has all the things in it including teleport I'll upload it after some time
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  7. Firewolf

    GTA 4 Faggio Commercial

    Hey man its really silly. Why don't you watch a video at youtube or some other site. Or use Autodesk 3Ds Max 9 or higher or Zmodeler2 for editing the body.
  8. tere mods mast he will u teach me how 2 make dose by emailing me