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  1. flippy888

    Marketplace Download Now Up

    Coo. Dude, enjoy the mega long download and then the game!
  2. flippy888

    Marketplace Download Now Up

    *cough* that is uk. im a uk citizen and i found it that way...oh yh and u need to log out and log back in again....its the second tab in the GTA IV option menu following the links about. IT DOES NOT FEATURE IN MAIN MENU SCREEN!
  3. If you are UK resident Games Marketplace All Games G GTA IV Title The Lost and Damned (2nd option down) Americans and co. should just have it in New Releases column, except UK currently don't but it is up!
  4. We all love GTA. From GTA 1 to GTA 4, and everything in between, we just love it. And thats why I have come up with the Big Fat GTA Quiz 2008, a quiz which tests your knowledge on all the games, including GTA4 from GTA3 upwards. I will ask a series of questions in batches. You are then to PM the answers over to me and the first person to get the correct answers will win 10points, the rest will win none. Then another series of questions will come and again you have to submit the correct answers as quickly as possible. You cannot lose points for incorrect answers, you will simply not win the 10points. The person who gets 100points first will win this years Big Fat Quiz. We will keep going until we find someone with 100points, meaning answering 10 correct batches of questions. So be quick, but be right! Batch 1 1. What is the name of the lead character in GTA IV? 2. What is the name of the voice actor in GTA VC? 3. What is the Shoreside Vale equivalent in GTA IV? 4. Who is the artwork lady in GTA IV, who is continously being spotted in the game as a prositute but never actually confirmed? 5. When was GTA IV meant be released in the UK? PM the answers over straight away and the first one correct will win 10points. The correct answers will then go up here, along with the ScoreBoard. Once the results have been posted, and the new Batch produced, the old batch will no longer be active. Please do not send in answers for the old batches. Thank you and good luck.
  5. flippy888

    [X360][GMT0] UK / Euro Clan

    Im UK GMT (London Time) Im on 360
  6. flippy888

    [X360][GMT0] UK / Euro Clan

    Ill join flippy1008
  7. flippy888

    [Official] Clan Leaders Needed

    Please may i request to lead the GMT UK clan I have an Xbox 360 and the game My gamertag is flippy1008
  8. flippy888

    Official Map

    This is the official map as confirmed by OXM in the UK #30, Feb 08. Sorry for the quality.
  9. flippy888

    Gears Of War - The Ultimate

    If you have played GOW tournaments, you will know how fierce and tense they get. But then its all over. 8 players all go back to their everyday lifes. In The Ultimate, there are not 8, nor 16 but 22 places up for grabs to enter the challenge. It will be in three teams, 7 in each, Host in each, making 8. It will consist of 5 maps, direct from the game, not xbox live. It will start on Sat 22nd Sept, so sign up today. Just send a message with your gamertag and Join Up as the header. Thats all you need to do. We will give you full instructions on when you will be playing and on what team you are on as soon as you sign up. Go on, sign up. (it will be taking a break over 3 weeks of Halo 3 UK release, it will then start again) Its free as well.
  10. flippy888

    GTA IV Delayed!

    Rockstar North announced in Edinburgh, Scotland today
  11. flippy888

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    My Dad works for Rockstar Games and when we went to Oz in 2005, Dad took millions of photos of buildings, vehicles and roads and road names and sound and video footage and said it was for a new game they were making. Rockstar North only game would be gta because all the others are fake shooting worlds. So it might well be set in Oz
  12. flippy888

    Pets in GTA

    Rockstar confirm that there is a farm in the new state of GTA World and that farm animals do live on their. There could also be a possibily of odd jobs involving killing or milking farm animals for food or drugs or something. But if any animals, it would be farm ones
  13. flippy888

    Vice City Stories on PS2 or PS3

    Rockstar have confirmed that PS2 is out of the range after February 2007 for them since the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy on PS2 so it may come on Xbox or stand alone on PSP. PS3 is GTA4 so highly unlikely
  14. flippy888

    GTA:VCS guide?

    The release date for the citizens of the UK will be 10th November 2006 and should hit stores all over by Monday 13th November 2006.
  15. flippy888


    Empire Building is slightly different to Vice City since you can get to business from the 2nd mission, when you unlock both islands. It is highly recommended that you kill the car first. Simply because the gangs could make there escape and thats your business gone. So shoot the car, then the outdoor folks before they make a runner then go indoors and kill about 5 of them. They will be hiding in different rooms. Exit the door and if this is you first business you can select all of them. You can choose 32 businesses to take over, choose a company car, and what business you want? Bare in mind that it won't be easier at night since more gangs are about. Oh and if some of the old businesses gang members are outside the foundations, they wont join the fight." Rockstar President Sam Houser said