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  1. Hey Guys. I've just been thinking how good these forums are. You'd think TGTAP was meant to be a forum from the start, just by looking at the forums. Then I noticed that the Forums don't have their own URL, just '/forums' after 'thegtaplace.com'. Doesn't it look a bit unprofessional? The other forums, like GTAForums, have their own URL. These Forums deserve more! The URL suggest that these forums are just an after-thought, a by-product, of TGTAP, when they are obviously a lot more. It's just a suggestion. Why don't these forums have their ow URL? Like 'www.tgtapforums.com' Or even, let TGTAP stay as The GTA Place, and call the forums The GTA Forums, as 'www,tgtaforums.com'. Any Ideas? -----eden1023-----
  2. eden1023

    The Swedish Furniture Name Generator

    I'm called Dymmitri and I'm a bed, apparently...
  3. eden1023

    Why do Bullies beat up or pick on people?

    I think many bullies do it so they can feel big and powerful amongst the big and popular kids. Many times, it seems to be that they are being bullied themselves, or they actually enjoy watching pain. I was bullied in High School(still am) as I am quite small, and generally don't want to fight back. Then I found myself bullying the kids smaller than me, or the "social outcasts" to a point that their bag got ripped, or they might even cry. I didn't even know I was doing it, and it was just so I could feel bigger and on par with the bigger, popular bullies(that turned out weren't popular, just had friends that feared him). So I think it is just to make themselves feel bigger, and an alpha male over other people.
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    Type your name(s)

    Nose: edee4n1023 Elbow: edde n o02 234
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    Weapons List for GTA-5

    Bring back the Desert Eagle from SA! Killing people with one shot from half a mile down the street with a gun so light never gets old