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  1. so... it has been a long while since I've been to any gta modding site (this was the first one I came to)... where the hell are all the guns that should have arrived? so far I see silly stuff for models I never keep. why? a hippy colored tec9 and a wood colored browning 9mm. what use is there in that? is there some place that I didn't look? and how are you in general (related to modding and playing with mods)?
  2. hey, sorry I haven't updated this sooner, but I found stuff lately. I found the M8. I found the MP7, M249, SA80, M95, M107, SL8, PSG1, as well as some other (not so cool) stuff. I found a WWII kit, but I don't want WWII weapons, especially in a kit that didn't tell me this. it just said "Lepper" something. lets move forward.
  3. I have the same concern. I only have 3DS Max 9, and all I can do is make the model. I can make textures also, but I dont have any way of turning it into a DFF. I can make a TXD in the GTA editor that I have, but I cant seem to get my stuff to work. I have the DFF extractor installed, but I couldnt get the damn things to work.
  4. how do I get this thing to connect? I have v2 with the downgrader found in my sig, and I have model and texture mods. how do I get on to a server where others will join me and let me have a shoot bash? also, which ones will actually work? because I got the one supplied by littlewhitey and it gives me a failure message over and over again at the rate of automatic rifle fire. its irritating. and the one time I get one working, there is no server options or anything. it just puts me behind vinewood sign and I have no money, no targets, nothing. I cant even get myself a weapon. not even a car to get around with! just misirable. how is everyone else doing so cool? I wanna do that! so if anyone can help me, maybe its a detail I am not seeing.
  5. well, I have one that is done, but I will be working on another copy of the file even further. my 3D teacher told me some things that I had forgotten. just tool concepts and such.
  6. did want people to forget that perhaps a good thing to try is connecting to people who can make your models into dff and txd files. if anyone is able to do this, I have a weapon that I need converted for San Andreas. I want it to replace the gun_cane file. if you can do this, I am greatful. go ahead and reply here so that others know you can do this. also, that sword I posted might be changing drastically.
  7. um, ever notice how in Hitman, you fire way more shots than needed? 2 guns is good for having a cluster of people come at you, but it defeats the purpose of having a suppressor if you are not being subtle. GRIM actually made a string for using 2 silent pistols. I dont use it, but I think he did a good job.
  8. either way, the model you get in the streets (and most of the ones used by professionals in companys and police forces) is an unreliable piece of shit. maybe South Africa was a place that was contracted to produce it.
  9. well, if you could take the performance and weapon and take it into GTA San Andreas, which one would it be? also, when I was playing last night; I found myself shooting up with the entire town (peds attack eachother, peds attack you, riot, peds armed). I seemed to be finding myself wondering how cool it would be to utilize the methods of GRAWII for physical combat. if anyone makes a combat animation mod for San Andreas, that will be so damn cool!
  10. um, that Tec is not reliable. and its not swedish. its south african.
  11. well, I tried the demo over the weekend for GRAW II, and it inspired me to nag about weapons. I think we need to have some modellers (or people with dff extraction capabilities) make the weapons from GRAW and GRAWII. dont forget GR2 and GR2:SS. in fact, there should be a huge amount of weapons to chose from. if you make good weapons (and make sure to have the dat string for the file to make it work right) then you will be a divine being. thats just how it is.
  12. um, I have that mod. I can post it somewhere on my post for you if you like. its made by someone else. the M60 is good, but I'd go for messing with accuracy, improving it.
  13. I have just done some studying and such, and I have found some ideas for anyone wanting some weapons to try looking up for modeling. Baretta, Storm series. RX4 Storm (an assault rifle chambered in 6.8 (maybe its just a 5.56mm) able to be suppressed and given a GL (XL7) CX4 Storm (a carbine that is chambered in 4.6mm propriety rounds (mabye just a 5.56mm made to sound cool in GRAWII) that can do the same thing, but in a smaller package. PX4 (a 20 shot pistol that can use a suppressor) they can be looked up easily on Google. I'll come back with more, stuff came up.
  14. well, it would be better if it were an easy thing to mod, and it had at least a 95% chance of working right. also, I could work out a map of something that could be used and called Druckenwell. its the planet that San Andreas is on. Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas are all part of a huge gigantic thing. there are also other sides to the world. its almost like earth. I'll draw a map at school next time if I get the chance. I'd need Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to do the job on it that I want to. it will be great. I could help in a mod like that (planning, testing and drawing, but the stuff that goes in, you'll have to do. I cant even get the DFF extractor to do what I want. I can barely work the TXD thing with working on a clothes texture. also, when you do the peds thing, (or if this is seperate), someone should make a mod that gives the civilians a specific loadout of weapons; 9mm Tec9 AK47 country rifle no rocket launchers, M4's (unless the M4 is kept somewhat rare amongst the people who should know guns), auto shotguns, grenades, MP5's (except for the Grove and the FBI), or ridiculous weapons that civilians shouldnt really have. Los Santo's is not Mogudishu! also, if you are a weapon modeller with little or nothing to do, ID yourself to me either here or with a PM, so that I can make suggestions and such. I have good challenges for you.
  15. well, i'm a 19 year old college student who works as a temp for agencies that never call
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