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  1. Are you still here??

  2. razor!

    Which charater from VC is now in SA

    im pretty sure tommi vercetti is in sa isnt that him with catalina in that street race mission were she dumps u for tommi vercetti
  3. alright if its about da swearing u probably here atleast 3 or 4 swearwords a day weather it be from ur parents,ur brother or sister and more than likley on tv too so what difference does it make if u here it from a game so tell ur parents dat and if its da violence....well do u watch cartoons?think about it if ur watchin da simpsons and itchy and scratchy comes on itchy will do somthing like rip off scratchys skin how many warner brother cartoons have u seen that havent had an anvil dropping on someones head so tell them that, and if its the "influence" of the game just say i dont own a car i cant go run someone over, i dont own a katana i cant go stab someone in the face, i dont own a gun i cant go and shoot someone in the ass, and i deffinetley dont own a jet plane so i cant go and land on anyone thats why i wanted the game in the first place!
  4. razor!


    ok well i get the basics u can change the games coding to make diferent things happen but hows it work? and how do u get the codes on there?
  5. razor!

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    in the 24-7 in mullholand theres a bunch of funny named foods: bitch'n'dog food(alredy sed), dump icecream bars, cj's cheap processed cod, cherry poppers icecream(chocolate chunk or rassberry ripple), love juice with chunky bits(apple or orange), sprunk(in stead of sprite), pissh(probably schwepes), slick-o-grease sex lard, briquettes, biglogs cok o pops, biglogs crispy flakes with no vitamins, 0000 to to, bokorios, islid and jam(jam is not so funny) also one of the guys in there that talks says i cant wait to go to liberty city for buisness!
  6. razor!

    Introduce Yourself..

    im new i thought this site was cool so i joined