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  1. hey black whats crackin

  2. nigger101

    The Goodbye Thread

    r.i.p. the 4 squirrels and 2 coons i shot last weekend
  3. nigger101

    help please

    usually games on ebay are pirated so my advice is to just go to best buy or whatever and buy it there. sorry
  4. nigger101

    ok this forum sucks

    im leaving this forum for a better gta forum so im giving all of my money to the first person to respond to this
  5. nigger101

    stupid games

    jackass is prolly one of the dumest ideas for a game ever
  6. nigger101

    animal abuse

    haha this one time this coon was in my fort so i beat the crap out of it with a pitch fork but it wasnt dead after like an hour so i shot it like 40 times with a bb gun and all that did was make it bleed so i got out the 22 and shot the crap out of it with about 150 rounds. it was pretty sweet. oh and this one time there was this bird and i shot it in the but the round went through him and came out hhis beak and he was laying on the ground and its skin/ feathers were long gone and u could see its heats beating and its lungs moving so i shot it like 30 more times and it finally dies. good times...... oh and this one time i opened my window and shot this squirrel and it was awesome. i gto it stuffed
  7. nigger101


    heres a few http://planetunreal.gamespy.com/View.php?v...ory_select_id=1
  8. nigger101

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    big mac with large fries and a large mellow yellow
  9. nigger101

    crims on wings

    yea i had alot of trouble with that mission to. it took me like 50 times but i finaly beat it. my nest advice is to just keep trying
  10. nigger101


    u must of done somthing to get banned
  11. nigger101


    curse the day spaz was born
  12. nigger101

    Favourite Song

    brick in the wall- pink floyd
  13. nigger101

    Last thing that you bought?

    pokemon guide
  14. nigger101

    School Fight!

    haha thats pretty sweet wheelman