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  1. tx3000


    Ok 1st off let me say I like this site and I don't mean to be being a complete ass... But you people have a good site here but its simply trashed.....regardless of whos fault it is its still trashed. As rude as I am being this seems to be the only way I have been able to generate responses from you people about these problems... Ok lets see here let me discect spaz's response and give you both some insite on how to run a forum using spaz's qoutes ok Ok lets start with this 1st off I don't have to knbow anything about this site and you don't have to know anything about my credibility the bottom line here is that I we have NONE OF THE SAME REPEATED QUESTIONS you people are being asked here. Now how come if me and some others can run a forum with not one of the issues you people are having here then you sure as hell can too but the fact remains that at least 55 of the same questions being asked over and over and we have it asked only once shows for something.. Besides try looking at why no one looks for you're topics from an outside perspective rather than from you're own point of view Ok maybe saying you don't care about the forum was alittle off but I can't understand how the forums got this way. As for people not looking for you're topics Yes it is the forum mods fault......Once agian if we can control it then so can you people here...There is a reason why people don't look for you'r topics.....And I have said it many many many times before...the fact that you people still don't see why they don't look for you're topics shows that you are not paying attention to what the problem is....You need to find the root of the problem and correct it...period...I can tell you straight out what the root of the problem is, how to correct it, and keep it corrected. Oh really?? Hmm seems to me if you all knew what you were doing then why has the same questions still being asked over and over....There is a way to fix and prevent this BTW might I point out that after I posted my how to use the GXT editor tutorial all the questions that were being asked on that stopped..Thank you very much Why should I explain to any of you how to correct a problem in "YOU'RE FORUM" when ths is not my problem if you staff are so great as you claim to be then you would be able to figure this out..after all you people are the mods right...Ok so do you're job! See this is just a small part of the problem you are trying to say that things are being posted in the wrong place but in reality this topic is exactly where it should be...But you somehow don't understand that do you Let me ask you this, If I am bringing up an issue with this forum about an issue thats happening with this forum then why the heck would this be posted anyplace else other than where the problem is happening If I posted this in ANY OTHER FORUM then it would be off topic and out of place, but the part you don't want to see is that since this problem happened in this forum then yes it is posted in the proper place. You do what you want to You give me the authority to be able to clean up the forums and do something and I can help you clean up the forums.....All I need is the access to do so All I need is mod CP and I will help you guys if you want...and once the problem is done just remoe my mod CP... BTW if you are worried about me becoming abusive...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...I can't make you trust or believe me ...all i can tell you is that its up to you guys if you want help or not... All I want to do is help... You're call
  2. tx3000


    Like I care! I seriously do not care what anyone here thinks ESPECIALLY THE MODS because its very simple Now lets take a real close look at this here shall we: If the admins/mods want to be quick to attend to me but not attend to all the TOS violations that have been running rampant on here..Than its blatent fact what I said is true ..the mods/admin really don't care how the forums get and this will prove it...You see its always the person who actually wants to does whats right for the forum is the one who gets chucked and kept silent by "RIDING THE FORUM OF HIM OR HER" I'd say come to our forums but that would only lead to you people brining the clutter over there which would result in bans. So I will just save everyone here the trouble by not mentioning it so it will be the same as banning you people And one last thing you see Even though its explained clear as day right in the topic itself, its just assumed that the topic starter is causing trouble But now lets look closely at that aspect of it (Now Pay really close attention to the order of things) 1) The forum is a mess <------THIS IS THE ISSUE If this forum wasn't like this then this topic would never ever been posted. 2) Someone creates a topic regarding the forum being a mess <-----This is NOT THE ISSUE THIS IS A SOMEONE POINTING OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS 3) The topic creator <------How is it the topic creators fault if they are posting about how the forum is You see it can only be the topic creators fault IF AND ONLY IF the forum wasn't a mess and then created a topic complaining about it. The forum was a mess FIRST The topic creator mentiong the forums being a mess was SECOND So its plain that its the moderators faults for letting the forum get like this. How can you not see that when I just pointed out all the facts..?? Now did I need to point this out...Yes I did and I have every right to. Because I am part of the forum and why should have to filter through all the uneccessary crap that the mods let go on.... The only reason someone like me gets banned is because the mods can't handle having their short comings pointed out Well I say too bad if your a mod and had any common sense the forum would never have been allowed to reach this point plain and simple..... The way this forum is right now shows that the mods don't care and as I said if they target me instead of saying you know this might be good for the forum...It shows what the mods care about..... There is nothing more to it
  3. This forum is so disorganized its not even funny For example I counted at least 55 topics all about the game crashing. Why??? I know how to run a forum....I already run a few forums and none of them have the same questions asked in it twice in them and no one has to ask the samething because they know how to find the information that actually answers their questions. And it's not just my forums the whole site in general is like how my forums are. Maybe it's because we are mature moderators that know what we are all doing unlike this place Since its obvious that the mods really don't care how the forums get (Thats blatently obvious due to how they are right now) Give me the authority to clean up and I will.
  4. Thank you very much. As a side note: I have been writting instruction manuals and tuts for noobs for a really long time Want to know how I get to the bottom of things faster than most and am able to do things differently Here is my whole secret ready: I write the manual as I am using the program going over it from beginning to end slowly. I write the step from actually looking at what it is showing in the program then I simply go back and do the step as I am someone reading it and then correct anything I may have missed and rewrite it as needed. I do this for as many steps as needed then once all the steps are done I go from start to finish rechecking everything I just did and corrected...i continue this proceedure until its dummy proof Now I know this sounds like a lot of work but its not. This tut for example here took me all of about 10- min max to write See I take what I know works then write the instructions as how I get to each point and when I do full blown maunuals I write what each step should end up looking like and what to do if it doesn't..i go all out...you should see the walk through I made for resident evil Zero's Leech hunter... You see its not that I did anything different than most its the fact that I know how to attack things from a perspective most people don't know. And its not hteir fault when you understand this aspect of manuals its just that the people who are writing them are already familliar with the concept so they are oblivious to this now. But more so they forget what its like to not be able to understand someone elses point of view
  5. tx3000

    editing SCM

    The only thing configuring the mission builder does is set it up so that you can open the main.scm It does nothing to the main.scm itself. in short the mission builder is simply a decompiler and a compiler it does nothing to explain where the placement of the code strings go Anyway a tutorial cannot be made about where code strings go because each code string that is created by the coder is probably different therefore a different code sting usually means a different place in the script. And the only person who can tell you where any particular given code string goes, is the person who made it. for example I will almost guarentee that the bigfoot code sting is in a different place than the Flying CJ/super CJ code sting is placed.. Thus proving my point..Both are mods made by 2 different people and placed into 2 completly different sections of the main SCM I actually had to drag it out of the person who created the super CJ codestring where it gets placed in the main.scm and how I think that the person who creates a mod with a code string that gets placed in the main SCM are the ones repsonsible for creating a read me explaining to find the exact code line that the code sting they made gets placed Directly under For example the readme should say something like this: 1) Find this code line (Insert line) 2) Place the code string in this mod directly under the code line you searhced for 3) This is waht it should look like now (and give an example showing the code line searched for and then the start of the mod cod string) Ok See how simple that is... I know very little about coding or how it works or anything esle applied to this subject, but I don't need to, Al i need to shown is where the code sting for the mod gets placed into the main SCM. And I just wrote a readme for something I know nothing about but yet I know what needs to be in the readme. This is going to be my new Sig People who create things then not give instructions on how to use what they talk about need to be taught a lesson by having all the crap they post removed and then banned from the site they pulled that shit on. This is the same type of issue I had with Zmodeler.
  6. tx3000

    Jet Pack

    How about I go through the forum and copy it and post exactly how many times I did ask what he asked. So you can STFU finally
  7. tx3000

    Jet Pack

    I'll say it again The dff for the jet pack is locked and cannot be imported into ZModeler so even if you did get the reg code for zmodeler (Which BTW I have) it won't do you any good You can get the Icon and the TXD into ZModeler but not the dff...and if someone managed to get the dff in, they haven't shared how they did it yet with anyone.
  8. tx3000

    Z MODDLER V.2.0

    You don't need a liscense You need a registration code and I can give you one if you want. just let me know and I will PM it to you in a little while...But you have to let me know soon And I will save you the trouble. The jetpack .dff is locked and can't be imported into Zmodeler don't you think if it could be there would be mods revolving around the jetpack....Think about it If there is a dff unlocker its only for VC and works only on SOME of the dff for SA. But as of now to my knowledge there is no dff unlocker for SA. I could be wrong so don't quote me on that but I'm pretty sure I am right about no dff unlocker for SA If you still want the reg code I will give it to you...just tell me what version of Zmodeler you have and I will get it for you Rather than make another post I'll just edit this one I guess the answer is no for that reg code.... Too Bad
  9. tx3000

    Jet Pack

    Ahh I'd be careful when asking this exact question I know exactly what you are asking to be explained for you and I have been asking this same question for weeks now and have yet to get a real answer I can actually use...So If I haven't got an answer you won't either you see I got attacked left and right by JACE, Spaz the great and chris82 because they all said to ask them for help then when i did they answered me with generic answers that really didn't say anything, then they tried saying I was being arrogant...Yeah I was being arrogant but not until they attacked me saying to stop making topics asking for help
  10. tx3000

    editing SCM

    Yeah not just back that file up but anything you plan to mod. there are things you can do to make replacing original files easier For example backing up the whole gta3.img file rather than try to back up each individual TXD and dff file that way you have every single file backed up at once. Take them out of the back up when neccessary or even if you screw somehting up totally you cna just delete the whole .img and replace it with the back up See what I mean Me personally I backed up the whole data and text folder. Now I don't have to worry about anything
  11. tx3000

    editing SCM

    You don't need to change anything in the main.scm You use the mission editor program toopen up the main SCM then copy and paste the code into the proper place inside the main.scm The compile it and you are good to go
  12. tx3000

    Jet Pack

    TO: Spaz The Great! Nothing gets by you does it!
  13. tx3000

    my mod: exploding cj

    When have I ever been wrong about anything I said so far...NEVER? So me saying I'm right in itself is right.
  14. tx3000

    help don't know how to get starting my modding?

    Well I would download it if I can find it but I don't feel like scrolling through 57 pages in the vehicle section to find it, can you tell me which page is that mod on?
  15. tx3000

    my mod: exploding cj

    Think about what you are asking and where you are asking it.... Now ask yourself that question again..... If you and I seemt o be the only 2 on this forum who can actually provide real help...What do you think the answer to that question is?