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  1. Name: Jimbob

    Skin: Tan

    Hair: Curly type Afro thingy

    Head: mostly covered by hair, he has thin lips and blue shades

    Upper Body: Topless Abs thingy

    Lower Body: Pajama Pants, strippy type

    Shoes: Mochassons (something like that)

    Personality: Tired

    Car: The Sleep Mobile

    Weapon: Machete

    Gang: The Sleep Death Gang

  2. Who watches the NBA.. i do.. i follow it lol

    my favourite team is spurs

    and they are in the NBA Finals woo hoo

    any NBA fans out there .. who do you think will win Detroit or Miami?

    i think Detroit will win and then Spurs to win the Championship :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

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