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  1. Just a quick question... Are the PS3's region free? i.e. I can buy US version of GTA IV and play it on my Australian PS3? Because I don't want some censored crap
  2. This game is probably the only reason I'd consider getting a PSP. But I don't travel/be away from home much so I don't realy need portable gaming. But yeah, VCS sounds real good and how can you not resist the free PSP skin
  3. lmao, nice prank, you even fooled me. I'm such a tool.
  4. I think GTA baghdad is more of a military type game rather than a cops and robbers type shit.... like theres not enough people in iraq/afghanistan unless you go around shooting camels
  5. I really want to see more episodes of Hitman Diaries, does anyone know if the guy is gonna make some more?
  6. Cypress Hilll - The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
  7. Name: Jimbob Skin: Tan Hair: Curly type Afro thingy Head: mostly covered by hair, he has thin lips and blue shades Upper Body: Topless Abs thingy Lower Body: Pajama Pants, strippy type Shoes: Mochassons (something like that) Personality: Tired Car: The Sleep Mobile Weapon: Machete Gang: The Sleep Death Gang
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