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  1. Jugs

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Just a quick question... Are the PS3's region free? i.e. I can buy US version of GTA IV and play it on my Australian PS3? Because I don't want some censored crap
  2. This game is probably the only reason I'd consider getting a PSP. But I don't travel/be away from home much so I don't realy need portable gaming. But yeah, VCS sounds real good and how can you not resist the free PSP skin
  3. lmao, nice prank, you even fooled me. I'm such a tool.
  4. Jugs

    Help me out please

    You do not deserve help
  5. Jugs

    GTA IRAC or afganistan

    I think GTA baghdad is more of a military type game rather than a cops and robbers type shit.... like theres not enough people in iraq/afghanistan unless you go around shooting camels
  6. Jugs

    Three Word Story

    pile of shit
  7. I really want to see more episodes of Hitman Diaries, does anyone know if the guy is gonna make some more?
  8. Jugs

    Three Word Story

    by the large
  9. Jugs

    What are you listening to right now?

    Cypress Hilll - The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
  10. Jugs

    Word Association

  11. Jugs

    Three Word Story

    up the wall
  12. Jugs

    Three Word Story

    out his messy
  13. Jugs

    Create your Character

    Name: Jimbob Skin: Tan Hair: Curly type Afro thingy Head: mostly covered by hair, he has thin lips and blue shades Upper Body: Topless Abs thingy Lower Body: Pajama Pants, strippy type Shoes: Mochassons (something like that) Personality: Tired Car: The Sleep Mobile Weapon: Machete Gang: The Sleep Death Gang
  14. Jugs

    Three Word Story

    her own vagina