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  1. Just because they are using the city doesn't mean that's what it will be called. The game is almost definetly going to be "GTA: IV". GTA III was in Liberty City, but it wasn't called Liberty City. What, Do you think they are going to make one called GTA: Liberty City now???
  2. Phpbb2 is better than IPB. Well gratz.
  3. As you said in every topic, Spaz.
  4. You can kill them and take their car.
  5. Hmm, Lets relate it to Money. You buy whole bunch of weapons and now you're moneys lower. Oh, thats "bad"! You're driving and your car runs out of gas. Oh, Thats "bad"!
  6. Yeah, as if you can grab a gun and not worry about reloading. Sounds like someones been hacking the games memory!
  7. Isn't that the Jester???
  8. Yeah, Having 4 stars and 50 cops shooting at you and you run out of bullets. Same shit?
  9. Besides the reply/topic..etc buttons, I use the VC skin. Support Pink boys.
  10. I registered back in late 2003 I think too...
  11. So yeah, I'm new here. Sort of.
  12. Oh, So cars having a fuel tank is suddenly unrealilistic and annoying? Thats like saying your m16 running out of bullets is "bad"...Get your story straight.
  13. SyINex

    Your age

    7 turning 6 in july.
  14. Would someone frolicking help? Not to be a bad boy and double post, but you people don't seem to help anyone.
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