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  1. smartboy4

    GTA V Release Date 06/01/2012? Pre-order Now?

    Still pretty excited
  2. smartboy4

    Introduce Yourself..

    Yo all, interesting place.
  3. Just another youngin on the forums.... =P

    How's ah goin?

  4. smartboy4

    I need a save

    How is the asian version different? Mine is I think, box says For Sale In Asia Only on the back.
  5. lol yeah whos this?

  6. IMO you should keep the avatar. It has sentimental value.

  7. smartboy4

    Helicopter Steering (PC)

    Hmm I thought that was for in first person view only
  8. smartboy4

    Helicopter Steering (PC)

    I want to know too. I changed the keys to SA style and fly with numpad. By default it's bank left/right with A and D buttons and rotate left/right with 4 and 6 buttons, which sucks so I swapped them. Also fire button to 0
  9. smartboy4

    How I got GTA IV to run more smoothly

    In that case, throw your PC away or go upgrade
  10. lol did you make it? I forgot.

    It holds a value there, I thought it looks good.

    Got nothing in mind for a new one..lazy too lol

  11. Still using that avatar. Didn't I make you that, like, back in 2003 or something? 5 years old man, get a new one it looks shit lol :P

  12. smartboy4

    Favourite song?

    TBH I paid no attention to the radio so far.. If you ask me, I cant even name you a radio station name lol
  13. smartboy4

    GTA IV installation error always at END!

    oh I missed out that he said he mounted the game.. ahhh so it's pirated I don't think steam or d2d would give you an image file..
  14. smartboy4

    GTA IV installation error always at END!

    shit I think you better go back to ask for a change.