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  1. Just another youngin on the forums.... =P

    How's ah goin?

  2. How is the asian version different? Mine is I think, box says For Sale In Asia Only on the back.
  3. lol yeah whos this?

  4. IMO you should keep the avatar. It has sentimental value.

  5. Hmm I thought that was for in first person view only
  6. I want to know too. I changed the keys to SA style and fly with numpad. By default it's bank left/right with A and D buttons and rotate left/right with 4 and 6 buttons, which sucks so I swapped them. Also fire button to 0
  7. lol did you make it? I forgot.

    It holds a value there, I thought it looks good.

    Got nothing in mind for a new one..lazy too lol

  8. Still using that avatar. Didn't I make you that, like, back in 2003 or something? 5 years old man, get a new one it looks shit lol :P

  9. TBH I paid no attention to the radio so far.. If you ask me, I cant even name you a radio station name lol
  10. oh I missed out that he said he mounted the game.. ahhh so it's pirated I don't think steam or d2d would give you an image file..
  11. shit I think you better go back to ask for a change.
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