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  1. Yeah I think the stealth should Improve the one in SA wasnt that really realistic cause i mean c'mon people don't just walk up behind people and cut their necks its unrealistic but I like Chloroform Idea. It was also unrealistic how if you hide in dark spots no one sees you. In real life if that happened the guards would at least notice something.

    Oh my gawds, you're winner! They have to make it so you die in 2-3 shots too, becuase no one can survive 40 shots! Also, a high speed crash in the car should kill you instantly! And you should only be able to carry 1 big gun, becuase you can have all of those guns at once!

  2. Saints Row 2 will be destroyed before it even arrives on the shelves, the only reason people said (the 1st one) it was good was because it had good graphics and havok physics. Now that GTA4 has great graphics and physics (the guy niko shot was ragdoll), aints row and go to hell.

  3. Who cares? Halo is the most overrated piece of shit I've ever played. All you do in the game is shoot someone and occasionally drive somthing. Im sure online isn't any better, with big hitboxes, sticky reticule, 0 recoil but 100% accuracy weapons, 1 hit kill weapons and vehicle whores, mostly tanks and banshee. To finish it off, some lame ass ending because the game was rushed faster than an average game of Counter Strike.

  4. I just bought a brand new PC which can play CS S with full settings and highest resolution thank you. And, umm, I just need to say this, but what the f***? 3/4 of your post was about how I supposedly prefered intel over athlon. Umm, the new PC I bought was an athlon, its an athlon x2 4200+ 2.2 ghz.

    And skyline, if he didnt have a lot of money why did he buy a piece of shit, he could've saveed up for a better PC.

    Yeah, ok, ban me. Thats what you guys always do, everytime someone has a different opinion than the majority.

    Also again chris82, the reason why the athlon gives better preformance is becuase the athlon was built for gaming. athlon = gaming, intel = multiple tasking.

  5. The title really says it all.

    I voted for LCS because I had way more fun with it. VCS was good but it wasn't really a big step in the GTA series. Even though the Jet Ski's and Empire Building was good the storyline could of been better.

    So LCS is a big step in the GTA series, even though it was missing almost every feature of San Andreas right?

  6. It's an ok game but its gets boring after a while, I only suggest this if you dont' have a life, your life sucks, or your just don't have anything better to do. . There isn't any real point to the game execpt buying more expensive stuff, building a bigger house, get a lot of stats and have a big family.

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