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    OK for you _____________________________________________________________________ I M G T o o l 2.0 ReadMe.txt 13th June 2005 _______________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS __________ GENERAL INFORMATION INSTALLATION HELP FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HISTORY CONTACT INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ GENERAL INFORMATION _____________________ IMG Tool v2.0 Features: + Supports GTA3(VER1), Vice City(VER1) and San Andreas(VER2) archives. + Control on all files inside an archive... - Extract files - Add files - Replace file - Delete files - Rename file + Find/Next File + Sort by Name or Offset + Optional file association with *.IMG files. Happy Modding! _______________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION ______________ Run setup.exe (You must have already ) install, run IMGTool.exe or use the link in "Start Menu > Programs > GTAModding". _______________________________________________________________________ HELP ______ This is only a breif help section, proper help will come in a later version. If you need help that's not here, goto the editing forums at www.GTAForums.com - somebody there will be happy to help . No known bugs. _______________________________________________________________________ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ____________________________ Q. What does "Rebuild Archive" actually do? A. When you delete a file from an archive, it's only getting deleted from the file list. This makes it totally invisible to everything that can read GTA IMG archives but the actual file still exists inside the IMG file. When you rebuild the archive, IMG Tool removes any "invisible files" in the IMG file. So basicly it saves harddrive space. Q. Will you teach me how to make textures/models? A. No. I'm not good with graphics . A good place to get help would be GTAForums.com in the graphics or editing forums. Q. I've found a bug! What should I do? A. Post details at www.GTAForums.com - Please include your system specs and operating system. Q. I've deleted a file from an archive without backing up, can you send me the original? A. No! Didn't you see the warning?! You'll have to reinstall to get the originals back. Pay more attention to warnings in future. _______________________________________________________________________ HISTORY _________ + 2.0 - Added IMG VER2 (San Andreas) Support. + 1.3 - Added "Find" and "Find Next" features - Changed Deleting no long automaticly rebuild the archive. - Added multiple file extraction - Added multiple file deletion - Added short-cut keys - Added statusbar to show messages insted of annoying messageboxes + 1.2 - Added multiple file adding - Fixed "replace bug" + 1.1 - Added file replacment - Added sorting options - Added verticle window resizing + 1.0 - First major release. - Added file adding - Added file deleting - Added file renaming - Added better GUI - Added Options screen - Added optional file association - Fixed "slow listbox" problem _______________________________________________________________________ CONTACT INFORMATION _____________________ Website: www.GTAGarage.com Forums: www.GTAForums.com IRC: irc.gtanet.com #GTAModding _______________________________________________________________________ This software and documentation Copyright ©2005 GTAGarage.com
  2. americanbadass

    GTA V to Remain in America?

    i am happy to tail you it remain in american its cool B) B) B) B)
  3. play GTA SA With undertaker and big foot mods

  4. americanbadass


    well i don't know GTA SA Version But i read readme file! and i am using ganster mod well one more prob actully when i install dog.rar mod IMG Tool Won't find Dog.txd or Dog.dff What the heel is wrong with IMG tool :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. americanbadass


    :cry:today i install IMG Tool and i every thing do right until end i mean rebuild archive then it done and i open san andreas then my mode won't work what i do and i am on computer nearly 1 day and i cant find what wrong i did not windowes pop up nothing no error but still mod won't work what i do :bashhead:like this emotion on my head i thing its happening help me i do nothing wrong
  6. americanbadass


    i hate nuddy girl is for gay people which is not i am anyways i have other prob :'( i do every thing right what tail on youtube but mods wont work for me i do until rebuld this archiver and rebuild but nothing happend to my game can some one help me