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  1. I have a prob with IMG Tool . whenever i open it and try to add a file it says: ERROR: FILE ACCESS DENIED how can this be fixed?
  2. whenever i try to add a file into img tool it always says FILE ACCESS DENIED. i tried reinstalling it but it still says the same thing!!!
  3. go for the shop with the weapons . make all the weapons free so you dont have to pay ammu-nations over-expensive prices!
  4. What is your favorite San Andreas or Vice City. for me it is Vice City simply because i LOVE the eighties EVERYTHING! the cars , style, movies, tv shows. it was a great game and time period.
  5. yes it does have many similarities to scarface and miami vice . however a think a little but more to miami vice. think about it crockett & tubbs=tommy & lance white ferrari parked outside of the docks ( for those who dont know, crockett had a white ferrari in miami vice ) the stinger is almost an exact replica of the ferrari daytona spyder ( crocketts first car that gets blown to bits ) then there is the ever popular undercover vice car that comes after you when you get three stars and crockett and tubbs sometimes come out
  6. could someone plz answer me one thing? IS THE PS3 REALLY WORTH IT? all i heard about it is it is too expensive and there arent enough games yet and it makes too much noise. SO IS IT REALLY WORTH THE $600 BUCKS?
  7. i downloaded the 81 delorean form thegtaplace.com i downloaded img toll v2.0 form thegtaplace.com i opened gta3.img i extracted deluxo.dff to backup folder i deleted deluxo .dff i added deluxo.dff ( the one that came with the delorean ) i extracted deluxo.txd to a backup folder i deleted deluxo.txd i added deluxo.txd ( the one that came with the delorean ) then i hit rebuild archive i played the game and went to sunshine motors and the was no deluxo or delorean. there is no car at all where the deluxo was. WHAT WENT WRONG? i amBEGGING SOMEONE to give me SOME KIND OF HELP!!!
  8. hey could you plz find me a FERRARI DAYTONA SPYDER? the one on gtanetwork.it has no .DFF file in it so idk how others got it to work
  9. i only had 1 mod work for me and that was the testarossa so it must be on the right folder and it was with VCMM
  10. ok im sorry for posting so much but anyway here is the problem i download the .vcm mod i extract the file to C>Program Files>vcmm>mods>vcm the mod shows up in the list on VCMM i click install it installs successfully i play the game and the car wasnt replaced (it was still the original car) WTF IS GOING ON???
  12. well i mean just all mods in general but the one i really want is the daytona spider if by the file you mean the link to it here it is : http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php...ile&id=2981 and by the way is anyone else knows a website for the ferrari daytona spider that works plz tell me!
  13. WOW THNX you guys are so smart ! oh and by the way last time i tried to manually mod i messed my game up reaaalllyyy bad so can someone give me and even more noob-friendly than the one in the forums??? i REALLY dont want to mess it up AGAIN (and VCMM SUCKS!!!) a more noob-friendly guide than the one in the forums that is . if anyone can and it works THANK YOU SO MUCH AHEAD OF TIME!
  14. the first file is my own save game . there is no second file . do i have to get rid of mine? ( and yes i tried to play it and it was mine and not the downloaded one )
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