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  1. GTA SA Master

    problem is fixed

    Yes, when you instaled SA make in my documents a new folder caled GTA San Andreas User Files, in the folder put anothr 2 folders :the first caled Gallery and the second caled Uer Tracks.Now from the DVD in the holdum folder copy every file and put it into GTA SA folder. That's all !
  2. GTA SA Master

    problem is fixed

    I don't have ilegaly SA bechause before I reinstall the eror don't apear on but now i fixed the problem.
  3. GTA SA Master

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    I've fixed the problem
  4. GTA SA Master

    problem is fixed

    If anybody has a better ideea plzz help ( I have the PC version of San Andreas )
  5. GTA SA Master

    problem is fixed

    yes, but if I do it can't install no more the user files again ?
  6. GTA SA Master

    problem is fixed

    I've had a problem when istaling SA but now i've resolved but thanks anyone who tryed o help
  7. GTA SA Master


    hi ,I'm new here