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  1. alright so i bought gta4 installed it and everything all that goes great, boot up the game, it starts, etc, i start playing and approximately 20 minutes later it crashes, turns off my entire computer, ive tried to reinstall it, tryed turning the quality down like all the way basically, tryed the patch, tryed updating my drivers, downgrading my drivers, even uninstalling everything related to gta4, social club, windows games or whatever and my drivers then reinstalling to no avail. My computer meets all the requirements too so wtf, i have an nvidea geforce 256mb 8600gt and 2gbs ram
  2. isnt 1st 1 already on game boy?
  3. nice man message me when ur done definatly a mod id want
  4. does ne1 hav a cool screwdriver skin preferably a .vcm file? and by the way im no1 speical as rank wat does rank do and how can i improve it?
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