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  1. if you download mission builder and know what you're doing you can merge the code into one main.scm Unfortunatly i'm not too great at .scm modding so that's as much as i can help :/
  2. i find the percentage bars are unreliable.. they're probably too busy working on the damn thing to care about the bars. Either way i'm looking forward to it.
  3. Ciggarettes :/ You should be able to roll your own and maybe put a little more then tobbaco in it.
  4. everything will be sketch style once complete.
  5. oh, and please post any bugs you notice!
  6. Hi.. i've not been here for a few months but i figured i need a place to advertise this piece of mod, what i'm planning to do is change all the textures to look like 3D sketches This including everything, lamposts, roads, buildings, etc.. Website: Click here Screenshots: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Progress: Weapons: 97% -Updated, please redownload- Vehicles: 95% -Few minor problems need fixing- Skins: 2% Roads & Paths: -Delayed- Interiors: -Delayed- Exteriors: -Delayed- Weapon Effects: 80% Available Downloads: Weapon Pack (updated on 7th Sept) Tommy Skin Vehicle Pack (40% of vehicles) Vehicle Pack (Final 60%) All vehicles Loading screen & Main menu Wheels Feel free to post your opinions
  7. judging from the "WTF" and funny smiley.. i suppose you're wondering what the blek is it? Well, it's my collection of cars which i've messed about with on photoshop so they look f*cking amazing.
  8. Click meh Feel free to point and laugh at my "art"..
  9. it is possible to get mods on XBox as i have done it myself, Simply by using a DVD rewriter.. It has 4 IMG files on it, 3 of them are dummy one that just take up space.
  10. hmm.. dogs.. wouldn't the RSPCA be pissed about that? i hope it's a dog
  11. they worked alright.. however, you use a trainer!! neat..
  12. *edit* Doesn't matter, i got it working now.
  13. i got bored and decided to make a stunt vid.. then i got bored of making the stunt vid and whacked the other stunt vid i made at the end of this stunt vid... enjoy.. Click me, should work now
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