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  1. Aren't you allowed to advertise? Soz.
  2. It depends on which version of San Andreas you have, you either have the older/moddable V1 of the game or the newer/non moddable V2 of the game. Find out which version of San Andreas you have and download the same version gamesave because V1 gamesaves will not work with V2 gamesaves and vice versa.
  3. Hello everyone, I have created a small and simple site today which will be all about the PC version of San Andreas. At the moment it doesn't have anything really on it but in future it will have a MODs database where you can downloads user-submitted mods and some of mine (when I'm more experienced!) a stunt video section and a forum. I posted this here because this is one of the most visited parts of the forum and the site will mainly be about the modding database. Please visit and pretty please sign up to Ezyrewards at the bottom of the page via my link (It really does get you free psps, domains blah blah blah.) *deleted* Thankyou
  4. Jace, I can recommend you a couple of links using Zmodeler. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=138100 http://www.etspe.ca/zmt/v2 That should get you going!
  5. One day I was searching Google and I found an amazing website full of blueprints! This is for all you modders out there who have trouble finding them. http://www.the-blueprints.com Have fun! (Please sticky this) Ty for sticking Jared!
  6. Thanks, I'll backup the original though. EDIT: I've also noticed that I don't have a Main.SCM file but a Main.SC file which is only 6 kb. :S It still doesn't work.
  7. GTA-Downloads.com is currently down, Do you have the file and if so thankyou.
  8. Hello my name is Tim, I'm a new member to these forums and don't know alot about SA Modding. I have downgraded my SA to V1 so it is possible and it works perfectly fine but now alot of save games I download just error my game, Have they got something to do with versions or is it just something else. (If you know a completed V1 SA gamesave then please send me the link.) Thankyou. - Tim.
  9. Hi I'm new to the forum! I shall enjoy my stay.
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