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  1. Hey man, i'm a HUGE fan of the Delorean/bttf, and i need some help installing the mod for it for the PC version of San andreas. Anyway you could explain it in laymens terms? Thanks alot.

  2. I found a save game that works here. Thanks.
  3. I downloaded some saved games. I put the files in the right place. (C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files) Then when I start the game up, I go to the load games menu. It has the saved games that I downloaded. I click on them and it starts loading the game like it normally would. Then once it loads, the game exits to my desktop and comes up with one of those messages from windows saying how there was a bug and to send or not send an error report. I've tried many different save game files and they all do the same thing. What should I do?
  4. bounce is my favorite, and I like K-DST, radio x,and Radio los santos. WCTR is funny too. I never listen to playback, k rose, sfur, or any others past radio x except for WCTR
  5. Is this good? I don't really know
  6. I am confused on how to downgrade the game because I already downloaded the downgrader but I don't know how to make it work
  7. I downloaded the downgrader, but now how do I change the game
  8. oh ok thanks, I guess I'll have to buy it then lol
  9. If I download the online san andres game, will I need to have the game itself or will I be able to play it right when I download it?
  10. I would like to have both entire engines and individual parts that would be cool.
  11. thats true for me, If I am mad I usually go and play san andreas. after that I am relaxed. I usually just drive really fast off a cliff or a jump That is how I got my parents to buy it for me for my birthday(plus I already bought the III and vc) but I told them that I didn't really like killing random people. I liked to drive and do pretty much anything.
  12. avi: 10 sig:6 perso:must be cool, likes the simpsons
  13. did anyone see juanna mann? that was a good movie, not my favortie, but good
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