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  1. latoyagenise

    How much do you like GTA?

    let me tell you how much i like gta. i hope you have enough time to read. gta 3 was the first one i played on my pc. loved it. it was $10 at walmart and i was just browsing and didnt know anything about the game or series. i then bought gta vice city for the same amount. again i love it on pc. so i went to get gta san andreas on pc i think may have been $50. . that didnt work out so well because i had a crappy computer. so i went a bought a at the time $200 xbox and another san andrea for $50 for the xbox. i fell in love. once i knew gta 4 was coming out i got excited but realized i had to buy a xbox 360. so once it came out i bought a $300 xbox 360 and paid $50 or $60. my house was broken into and my 360 was stolen so i had to by another one not to mention my gta 4 was in there when they stole it so i had to buy both again. so im playin my new xbox and its sitting on the floor. i accidently kicked it and it left grooves in my gta 4 disk so it was unplayable and i had to get another disk. i have lost and damned as well as the ballad of gay tony. i didnt mentioin that i bought a playstation just so i could play liberty city stories and vice city stories but i hated the playing the playstation i took them both back. sooooo I LOVE GTA!!!! i cant wait for gta V. IM READY