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    You can only mod on PC. You can't mod on consoles. Also, it is impossible to transfer mods between different consoles.
  2. What I Learned From The GTA Series

    I learned that you will automatically get police attention if you run into a police officer, regardless of whether the offence was delibrate or not.
  3. What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing Angry Birds now.
  4. Modern warfare 3

    Modern Warfare 3 is a great first-person shooter. I reckon it is better than Battlefield 3. However, I still prefer to play GTA. There is more stuff to do, and you have the freedom to do almost anything you want.
  5. What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I think Rockstar intentionally made it that way to make Portland missions more harder, and to discourage you from going to Portland. Also, the mafia are armed with normal shotguns, not Spaz 12s. Spas 12s were introduced in GTA Vice City. And the Mafia are only hostile to you after the completion of "Sayonara Salvatore", not "Last Requests". In order to achieve 100% completion of GTA III, you complete the Portland missions before that mission, as it makes things easier.
  6. Problem with installing mods

    Can you please be more specific? Unless you are specific with your question, we do not know what to help you with.
  7. GTA5 with Bait cars

    I don't think that is how it works.
  8. The ammounation icon and pay n spray icon is gone

    Uninstall the game and delete all remaining game files. Then completely reinstall it. Everything should be back to normal.
  9. GTA5 with Bait cars

    I totally agree.
  10. Fake GTA5 Maps

    Same here with me.
  11. Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    I meant an actual mission, not a side mission. To answer your question, if you fully max out your health and armour, you can actually survive the jump off the tower, although with only a tiny slither of health.
  12. Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Question: Name the mission where all the major cities of San Andreas are visited.
  13. Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Kendl Johnson?
  14. Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Sorry, I made a mistake. Miles, you are actually correct. Your turn.
  15. Three Word Story

    kreuger, who slashed