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  1. I thought the Pedestrian Riot cheat only affects the Madd Dogg mission. Never did hear about there being an absolute cheat limit.

    I'd say if it's not too difficult and if you're afraid that you might type another cheat accidentally to use the arrow keys instead of WASD but it might get some getting used to and might change the way you shoot and drive and other things.

  2. Seems that every team I was rooting for got shot. First was the United States, but we all know they suck. Then was Argentina, but they got owned by Germany. Last, I rooted for the Netherlands to win this game but they got shell shocked when Spain put one in on 'em.

    Even though it was scoreless, it was an interesting game. Both teams had a lot of chances... thought it would've been more dramatic for a penalty kick shootout.

    Also can tell that Dutch ESPN World Cup analyst Ruud Gullit must've been yelling when that goal went in for Spain.

  3. Yeah, Vice City might be the hardest GTA to make money in (same with San Andreas but before the Desert/Las Venturas part of the storyline) since the only true way to make money is to buy an property that's cheap or has an easy mission so that you an live on the asset money until you an afford another property.

  4. Lol, I made a topic exactly like this.

    The hardest choice for me was whether of not to kill Darko. I was sold out on killing him when doing the missions before That Special Someone came up but Roman just swayed me in the direction to not kill him so then when he runs off, I thought "Why spare him if Niko and the U.L. Paper went through so much to find him and get him to Liberty City?"

  5. And WTF!!?? They suspend me almost every week. I've missed about 60 days of school. For stupid petty shit!

    -Boris did not report to Silent Lunch. 1 day of in school suspension

    - Boris did not read his W.O.R.D book. - 1 day of in school suspension

    - Boris was skipping class with a fake pass. (What da fuck?) - 5 days of Out of school suspension.

    - Boris did not report to his bus. 1 day of Out of school suspension

    - Boris was sitting at the wrong table at lunch. In school suspension 3 days

    - Boris was talking in the hall. In school suspension 3 days

    - Boris smacked another stundent in the back of the head at Physical Education (EVERYBODY ELSE WAS PLAYING THAT GAME) - 3 days of Out of school

    - Boris farted in Language arts when the A.C was off. Excused ( Yeah that was funny though)

    - Boris threw paper at lunch 1 day in school suspension.

    You go to a weird school. Even though your school seems to suspend you for no good reason, you still did things wrong.

  6. The Final mission 'Out of Commission" its called right? Anyway:

    So I kill all the bad guys, and chase Jimmy P, and get on the bike, but then when I get to the part where I'm supposed to jump off the ramp towards the heli, what do I do? I hit that stupid Orange/white striped thingy the ones that also stand on the bridges and road works, and of course I land horribly and fall to the ground, lose the heli and Jimmy P's boat.

    The reason this is such a big fail is that I needed like 5-6 tries to finally beat the mission because I ALWAYS failed at that same part, always hitting the little orange thing...

    Never noticed this post until now and I failed the mission the same way. I hit that barrel in the road but still had an opportunity to get on the ramp, but I actually hit the side of it and went into the water. The mission is long and it makes it longer because of my laggy computer.

  7. The Cheetah, Infernus, and Jester should be found driving around The Strip in Las Venturas. The Euros is parked under The Camel's Toe in Las Venturas but is only available in the Import/Export Car Lists. The Hotknife can be found outside Driving School after getting at least Bronzes in Driving School (I think). About that Farm Trailer... I've never seen that in my life.

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