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  1. Jeez, the nostagia though

  2. Vice City Stories Gang Guide Leader- The leader of the gang Weapons- The weapons the gang holds when in their turf on foot or in non-mission situations. Mission Weapons- The weapons the gang holds during missions. Turf- The gang’s natural turf. It’s where their vehicles can still be found after their Empires are gone. Initial Empire Turf- It’s where the gang’s Empires can be found in the beginning of the Empire business. Gang members can also be seen outside or near their Empires. Enemies- Gangs that shoot them on sight of have some kind of enemy signs during missions. Gang Vehicle- The vehicle that the gang drives Vance Crime Family Leader: Victor Vance Weapons: Baseball Bat, Pistol, Scorpion, Mac 10, AK-47 Turf: In front of every Empire owned by Vic. Enemies: Bikers, Sharks, Cholos Gang Vehicle: Admiral Comments: This is Victor’s gang. The gang will wield Baseball Bats and Pistols if they are outside Protection Racket, Loan Shark, and Prostitution businesses only. When you’re Empire is set to High-Roller Robbery, Smuggling, or Drugs, then they will have Mac 10s and AK-47s. The division of the gang that has Baseball Bats and Pistols will rarely to occasionally ride Admirals near Empires. The Empires are unlocked after the mission To Victor, The Spoils. Gang Members (Protection Racket, Loan Shark, Prostitution Branch)Gang Members (Drugs, Smuggling, Robbery Branch)Trailer Park Mafia Leader: Marty Williams Weapons: Baseball Bat, Pistol Mission Weapons: Baseball Bat, Machete, Pistol, Micro SMG Turf: Viceport, Little Havana Initial Empire Turf: Viceport (1-3 Empires, Can’t Takeover) Gang Vehicle: Admiral Comments: This gang might hold the record for the least amount of missions in the storyline before getting wiped out. After the mission D.I.V.O.R.I.C.E, the Trailer Park Mafia is finished since Marty is gone. Gang MembersCubans Leader: Umberto Robina Weapons: Fists, Pistol Mission Weapons: Pistol, Micro SMG Turf: Little Havana Enemies: Cholos Gang Vehicle: Cuban Hermes Favorite Radio Station: Espantoso Comments: Another name for the Cubans in Vice City Stories is the Los Cabrones. The name isn’t mentioned during the storyline, but in the multiplayer modes V.I.P. R.I.P. and Empire Takedown, it includes selecting your character to be the Cholos or Los Cabrones. Since the Cubans are allies to Vic and the Vance Crime Family, they are the only gang to last through the storyline that don’t have Empires. The Cubans are strong enemies to the Cholos. No, for those wondering, you can’t recruit the Cubans. Gang MembersGang CarCholos Leader: Unknown Weapons: Baseball Bat, Pistol Mission Weapons: Pistol, Micro SMG Turf: Little Haiti Initial Empire Turf: Little Havana, Little Haiti (4 Empires) Enemies: Cubans, Vance Crime Family Gang Vehicle: Cholo Sabre Favorite Radio Station: Paradise FM Comments: After the mission, Havana Good Time, the Cholos Empires are transferred to the Bikers if you’ve yet to take them over. They might be the Forellis of VCS since they aren’t exactly wiped out since Cholo Sabres can rarely be seen driving around Little Haiti and they can be seen walking around the road leading to the Junkyard and in front of the White Stallionz Bar. Gang MembersGang CarBikers Leader: Mitch Baker (Not Mentioned In Game) Weapons: Pistol, Micro SMG Mission Weapons: Pistol, Scorpion, Micro SMG, AK-47 Turf: Downtown Initial Empire Turf: Downtown, Vice Point (10 Empires) Enemies: Vance Crime Family Gang Vehicle: Biker Angel Favorite Radio Station: VCFL Radio Comments: The Bikers aren’t largely involved in the storyline. They’re only in a few missions. This is really the most annoying gang to deal with when attacking Empires since they spawn more often than Sharks when trying to destroy the Biker Angel outside their Empires. Unlike the Gang Rancher which is a big vehicle, the Biker Angel takes longer to blow up since you have to use manual aim. In the last Brian Forbes mission "Bum Deal" Bikers or a homosexual (gay for everyone else) version of the Bikers were at the White Stallionz bar. I'm not really positive that only the Bikers at that bar were gay or all of them were. The Bikers are the only returning gang from Vice City that didn’t have their leader reappear in Vice City Stories. Gang MembersGang BikeSharks Leader: Unknown Weapons: Pistol, Mac 10, Micro SMG Mission Weapons: Pistol, Mac 10, Micro SMG, MP5, AK-47 Turf: Prawn Island, Vice Point Initial Empire Turf: Vice Point, Washington Beach, Ocean Beach (13 Empires) Enemies: Vance Crime Family Gang Vehicle: Gang Rancher Favorite Radio Station: The Wave 103 Comments: The Sharks basically have no involvement in the storyline, but they are a big pain while taking over Empires. When in the process of taking them over, they come in huge four-door Ranchers and drive-by you like crazy. Be careful while taking over Empires on the east side because the Sharks don’t play. The Sharks primary name in Vice City was the Streetwannabes, but they dress completely different. Gang MembersGang CarMendez Gang/Cartel Leaders: Armando and Diego Mendez Mission Weapons: Micro SMG, AK-47, Rocket Launcher, Laser Sighted Sniper Rifle Turf: None Gang Vehicle: Sentinel XS Comments: The Mendez Gang doesn’t loiter on the streets. The Mendez mansion is located in Prawn Island where two Sentinel XSes are parked. During some of the missions involving the Mendez gang does include them driving in those cars. I wouldn’t consider this a true gang, though. Patrol Invest Group Leader: None Weapons: Fists, Pistol Turf: Various Areas: Vice Point Mall, Escobar International Airport, Starfish Island Gang Vehicle: None Comments: In Vice City, I probably would label this as a gang but in Vice City Stories, it’s a different story. They have no involvement in the storyline unlike Vice City and they really aren’t a gang, but I’m putting them here, anyway. The next gang I’m going to list is again, not a true gang. Gang MemberFort Baxter Military Leader: None Weapons: M4 Turf: Fort Baxter Air Base Gang Vehicle: None Comments: The Fort Baxter Military in Vice City has more gang characteristics since then, there were actually packs of them inside and outside of the air base, but here in Vice City Stories, you only see about groups of 2 or 3 walk around only inside the Air Base. They, again, aren’t labeled as a true gang. They shoot at Victor, when he is not wearing the Army Fatigues outfit. Sometimes, if you fly into the air base, they won’t shoot at you for a while (While not wearing Army Fatigues), then randomly they might have a large pack of them shooting at Victor. When having the Army Fatigues outfit on, the military shoot at Victor only when they are shot at (not when aimed at). Gang MembersGolfers Leader: None Weapons: Golf Club, Pistol Turf: Leaf Links Gang Vehicle: Caddy Comments: This is one of the 3-4 non-true gangs in Vice City Stories. The Golfers aren’t a gang. They just can be a group of 2 to 3 people playing a game of golf. Caddies usually only appear when leaving Leaf Links and going east to Vice Point. The only time they whip out their pistols are when you make Vic shoot one while they’re still on a Caddy, then go to a higher elevation (Like jumping onto a car). Then, they’ll whip out their pistols. It must be for some kind of protection or something. It’s almost like the Diablos do in Liberty City Stories that’s similar to that. Gang MembersGang CarSpecial Thanks: deadmanjeff for reminding me to add the Golfers. Noru for supplying me with the Vance Crime Family, Cuban, and Golfer pics. dwinch for the "Invisible Vic" cheat on cheatsync.net
  3. To prevent me making two topics, this topic is for saying which is your favorite gang and gang car. Hopefully this poll will work. I won't include the Vance Crime Family vehicles because they're just a list of regular cars set outside the Empire (Landstalker, Admiral, Sabre Turbo, Idaho, Stallion, Polaris V8). If you want me to add that to a different poll, then I would. For me, I can't really decide between the Cholos and the Cubans but I'll take the Cubans and for the gang vehicle, I'll take the Gang Rancher but it's a shame the original Rancher was left out of the game. Edit: Yay, the poll finally showed up.
  4. There are a lot of great songs in VCS but like in the original Vice City, I'm gonna have to go with VCPR... even though it's considerably not as good as it was in Vice City simply because Maurice Chavez is only in one segment but Bait & Switch and New World Order were funny too. Those 40s shows just sucked. They weren't good. Fresh 105 M would be my second because the DJ is very crazy and the music isn't good bad. V-Rock would be my third since Holy Diver IMO, is a great song to listen to when doing a very dramatic mission like From Zero To Hero. Man, I like making these kinds of topics. Edit: Finally added a poll.
  5. Most of you that have finished or have attempted every Empire mission type know how they are so which one was your favorite? I'll just rate them on how I liked them. Mine was Loan Shark. Loan Shark Pros- This was really the easiest of the six, IMO. All you had to do was knock someone off their PCJ-600 and take it or damage a Benson enough so the driver can get out and take it back to the Empire. It was really easiest to do in Viceport near Escobar International. Cons- Not really much. The onlt one I can think of is that you could be following a PCJ all throughout the section of the island or spend a whole lot of time trying to knock that Benson off the road. Smuggling Pros- Smuggling was fun since you just simply get to take a Jetmax to a location and collect packages. It was even easy at higher levels depending where your Empire is. Cons- The Jetmax is slow even though it has good handling. That's really it. Prostitution Pros- It was easy and it didn't require travelling throughout the section of the island. Cons- When clients try to beat up the hooker, the hooker's health does down at a high rate and time limits to go to a destination were a bit low. Protection Racket Pros- Not much, but it's fun damaging store property and killing Cholos, Bikers, and Sharks. Cons- This may be the dumbest Empire mission because sometimes your car disappears when you have to travel to a store that's being under attack and the drive-bys from the rival gang members don't do any good. I think that's enough for now. What was your favorite?
  6. Yeah, I make a topic for favorite radio station for almost every GTA section but Vice City's soundtrack is loved by a lot of GTA players. The first time I played the game, I was only interested in listening to Flash FM and especially VCPR but I've gotten really use to the radio stations now. VCPR is still my favorite radio station since it's so hilarious. If I missed a radio station, tell me.
  7. Rashon.

    Hardest Mission

    For me, it was "The Job" since Cam is very easy to kill. It took me 4 tries.
  8. Gilbert Gottfried has an epic voice but I'm not sure it'd be the type of voice Rockstar or anyone would want for a protagonist. That "I hate Japan" comment he made might indicate he's kidding about the whole thing but who knows.
  9. Rashon.

    cheat activated during a very hard mission

    I thought the Pedestrian Riot cheat only affects the Madd Dogg mission. Never did hear about there being an absolute cheat limit. I'd say if it's not too difficult and if you're afraid that you might type another cheat accidentally to use the arrow keys instead of WASD but it might get some getting used to and might change the way you shoot and drive and other things.
  10. There were a lot of good ones but The Exchange was a really good one. Nothing like the constant sound of AK-47s at the side of your Sea Sparrow.
  11. Rashon.

    Favorite Weapon

    Heh, you forgot the chainsaw. I would've picked that.
  12. Breaking the Bank at Caligula's had to be the best one.
  13. Rashon.

    Google your username

    Mine came up with pictures of a few dogs, a MySpace profile that isn't mine, a Spanish entry, and not surprisingly... a kind of rash.
  14. Rashon.

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    ^ Didn't put a question there, laddy. Name every district where a Transfender is located. Not Wheel Arch Angels, but Transfenders.
  15. Rashon.

    World Cup 2010

    Seems that every team I was rooting for got shot. First was the United States, but we all know they suck. Then was Argentina, but they got owned by Germany. Last, I rooted for the Netherlands to win this game but they got shell shocked when Spain put one in on 'em. Even though it was scoreless, it was an interesting game. Both teams had a lot of chances... thought it would've been more dramatic for a penalty kick shootout. Also can tell that Dutch ESPN World Cup analyst Ruud Gullit must've been yelling when that goal went in for Spain.
  16. Wow, I haven't been here in a long time.

  17. If you saw the contents of this poll and never got to do half of these choices, then too bad, I told you not to look. This topic's just to see what people did during the storyline of this game. Every decision was easy to make for me except for the one on Darko. Roman says he'd suffer more if left alive and I took his word but immediately after I walked away and Darko ran, I thought I made the wrong choice. Doesn't make sense to send a guy across the world to get killed be let go. Besides Deal and Revenge, the rest are just minor choices. If I forgot one, tell meh.
  18. Rashon.

    Soccer TALK

    Whelp, Barcelona won. Not at all an upset but I bet it upsets the widespread fans of Manchester United fans here.
  19. Rashon.

    holy crap

    Well, the Well Stacked Pizza stores are also there for the food delivery side missions on the Pizzaboy. Though, lol, you're kinda late with that.
  20. Rashon.


    Yeah, Vice City might be the hardest GTA to make money in (same with San Andreas but before the Desert/Las Venturas part of the storyline) since the only true way to make money is to buy an property that's cheap or has an easy mission so that you an live on the asset money until you an afford another property.
  21. Lol, I made a topic exactly like this. The hardest choice for me was whether of not to kill Darko. I was sold out on killing him when doing the missions before That Special Someone came up but Roman just swayed me in the direction to not kill him so then when he runs off, I thought "Why spare him if Niko and the U.L. Paper went through so much to find him and get him to Liberty City?"
  22. Rashon.


    No, I don't think there is.
  23. Rashon.

    part of the gta3 era?

    It should be part of the GTA IV era considering that it's set in the new Liberty City (without Alderney).
  24. Rashon.

    Rashon's Birthday

    Thanks, peeps.
  25. Rashon.

    GTA Theme you loved the most.

    GTA IV's was great but LCS's was by far the best.