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  1. StormTrooperLove

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    I have a feeling the next character might be Cesar Valiapando from San Andreas, it sounds like his Voice actor, maybe its an older version of him?
  2. StormTrooperLove

    Textures loading slowly, then dissappearing

    Quote have downloaded a cracked version of San Andreas There's your problem right there. I'm not going to buy the game if the same problems are happening, haha the same thing's happening to my friend's game too, and he purchased it.
  3. Hey, sorry about bugging people on here with my simple minded problem, but recently I have downloaded a cracked version of San Andreas and I've been having quite a bit of difficulty with it. I plan on buying the new one but not until I've figured out the problem with the game. The following problems are: - Textures slowly loading - Textures fully loaded, then disappearing, then flashing in and out - Textures semi loading, with really mediocre graphics (No Details, only outlines) - Textures not loading (Roads disappearing, buildings disappearing, textures not loading I do have some mod's, only car ones though but what I found was weird was the first Island (Los Santos) specifically in the City Area would load and have no texture problems, yet any where else would be really crappy and mediocre with the textures. I don't have too many mod's but a medium amount of them. I'm running a dual core gateway laptop with the following specs: - Dual Core processor - Radeon 1gb Graphics Card - Windows 7 Operation system The game doesn't run slow even with the resolution on maximum and the graphics quality on maximum. I also have alot of car mod's not working (aka any car I put with the Tornado never spawns) and a couple of other mods. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated and I would love to play online with you anytime on San Andreas. Thanks for your time guys!