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  1. I'd be a bit more blunt than that. None of them could act... the only one who had any hope was the guy who played Lance. They had no emotion or feeling in delivering lines and always spoke in the same tone... hopeless at accents too - but even some pro's are hopeless at accents. Other aspects of it were ok but the mediocre acting really brought down the whole thing. Especially when you have it acted professionally to compare it to.
  2. Oxygen has 8 electrons - total.
  3. Windows doesn't need to do that because they have a monopoly. Why to you think the EU is fining them so much. Because they have an over priviledged position. Maybe if that wasn't the case more people would have a different OS. No... I don't think its a case of believing the ad, its only an ad. It's been widely voiced. Even in this topic its been said. You're probably gonna need a new computer to run Vista - simple as that. That sentance is confusing me a little ...but I was talking about Mac Pro. Its a computer - Apple's highest spec one, which you can configure yourself... you know, like a Dell. Choose the HDD space, processor speed, add-ons etc. 4 Million possible configurations. Probably would cost a fortune though to get everything in it. Its Market Research which is done for Apple so they can target the specific groups to try sell their porducts. Every company more or less has to do it. Obviously they will want to know the kind of people who already have their products. Its not a biased and opinionated survey. Windows Movie Maker isn't very good. The interface isn't ideal, and has a lot of limits. iMovie HD is a good program with plenty of pre made themes and effects and it has a video podcasting feature and easy-of-use for burning to DVDs. Again I'll quote the WSJ about iLife (which comes pre-installed on Macs). I know its a review and its an opinion, but these people are respected experts. “Apple Computer last week rolled out a major revamp of one of the Mac’s best software features — the iLife suite of multimedia programs. This collection of six integrated programs for handling photos, music, videos, Web sites and DVDs, is better than any similar product on Windows, and is a major benefit of buying a Mac.” — Walter S. Mossberg and Katherine Boehret, The Wall Street Journal First party software is when the company themselves make the software. Apple do make pro software, but you have to buy it. Just like Sony make games... Apple makes plenty of pro software. • Quicktime Pro • Aperture (for photographers) • Logic Pro (audio creation) • Shake (advanced digital compositing) • Final-Cut Studio (video/audio production) • Apple Works Why not get a Mac? You can still run Windows if you need to, get lots of good software pre-installed, buy more if you want. You can get an iMac, with no tower taking up space. Its all built in to a lovely big flat-screen, with no wires trailing all over the place and not effort setting it up except to plug in the keyboad and mouse. No reading a map to figure out which wire goes where and then end up with a spaghetti junction type thing behind it all. Ok lets try again... Probably the same reason it takes Rockstar 2 months+ to port San Andreas to Xbox, PC... same for other games. Its a different system, but if you use the Boot Camp or Paralells, you don't need to wait for a Mac release... so how is it downgraded if the game can still be run. I don't think the OS is a major factor in the performance of the game.
  4. I would like to reply to this topic, but this is a very complex issue which isn't possible to answer in one post. Like it was said, the organisation of reuniting Ireland would be a huge task. Something similar to reuniting Germany. Obviously circumstances and scale are different. I don't know where this illusion that Northern Ireland is a country comes from... its not even a province. Re-unification could have an unwanted economic effect on Ireland as a whole. Idealogically, there would be few opposed to it in the Republic, but economically it may be a whole other situation. There are some who are be set on getting it alone and don't think about the consequences. But unfortunately its in no way simple and can't be done on sentiment. Because of all the recent revelations, it looks as if there may be hope, but I personally feel a little skeptical about the prospect of a deal. It just seems that the DUP are really left with no option but to deliver... but they have no intentions of doing so and will make every sorry excuse in the book to stay out of government with Sinn Fein. The thing about this is, that it has to be a shared government... so it won't function in the usual sense. This doesn't really pave the way for a united Ireland and I myself would never believe that the unionist(with UK) population in NI would agree to re-unification, only if they were forced to accept it by a majoity in favour in a referendum. I feel myself that people outside of the island of Ireland don't properly understand the situation or the consequences of any decision. I would be in favour of reunification, but my opinions may change if it were to come at a price.
  5. Ok... I'd like to contribute because people seem to be getting a bit mixed up here. Water is a covalent compound, not ionic. Oxygen has 8 electrons - (2, 6). Hydrogen has 1 - (1). The oxygen gains a full outer shell because the 2 hydrogen atoms bond with it covalently. The oxygen shares the atoms from the hydrogen atoms, thus having 8 electrons in its outer shell - making it stable. The electrons are shared in pairs due to the different orbitals. So there are four pairs of electrons altogether. Two shared and two unshared. This also allows the hydrogens to have full outer shells of 2. Voila! H2O Water can exist in the 3 states of matter. Solid - Ice, Liquid - Water, Gas - Steam. Don't be confused by this... they are just the names people give them. Ice, Water and Steam are all essentially the same thing. They are just in a different state due to conditions. They are all H2O. Also, water supplies are never going to be pure H2O. Of course for chemical or scientific purposes de-ionised water can be used, meaning there are no dissolved solids so its essentially "pure" - so it is possible in a sense. But tap supplies come from natural sources and they will have dissolved minerals - albeit in small amounts. These are good for you. Water suppliers may also use chemicals to make water safer to drink, like cleaning it with a chlorine compound to kill germs, adding a flouride to help protect teeth, or adding chemicals for pH adjustment. AFAIK, bottled water does not go through a rigourous treatment process but it will still have dissolved solids that have occured naturally and will do you no harm.
  6. Well Vista didn't get rid of the annoying commercials. There are two new ones about Windows Vista. Obviously its only advertising and while still true, Apple put their own spin on it to make themselves look better. Seriously - what do you expect them to do? That's the whole point of advertising. Yeh I suppose most people upgrading to Vista will have that choice because they're going to need an new computer to run it. Mac Pro has 4 million possible configurations. I don't know how you can deduce that from what I said. OSX has several features now available on Vista. It's search function, 3D graphical interface, widgets, smart folder functionality and even a 3D chess game have been more or less copied. "Market research indicates that Apple draws its customer base from an unusually artistic, creative, and well-educated population, which may explain the platform's visibility within certain youthful, avant-garde subcultures." - Link I never mentioned Mac first party games - I don't even know any. I said first party software. There is quite an array of very good first party Mac software available pre-installed on a Mac. • iLife '06 Suite (including iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iWeb and Garage Band) • iTunes + Quicktime • iChat (using built-in iSight Camera) • iCal (Vista now has something strikingly similar) • Dashboard Widgets • Safari (better that MSIE) • Front Row • About 200 built in features in total Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. "Out of the box," says Mossberg, "the Mac has better photo, music, video, and DVD-creation software than any Windows computer I've seen." Of course with Windows you'll probably need to go and find and buy software separately if you want apps. as good. What has Windows got? Windows Media Player, Movie Maker, MSIE, Live Messenger (which meeds to be downloaded first) and of course a whole load of new features which OSX already had. Of course there are things sold separately for Macs. There's plenty of great professional first party software, Microsoft Office is available, and a lot of major/popular third party software is available. And if that isn't good enough you can run Windows, incase there's one little thing you want to run or you want to play a game. Probably the same reason it takes Rockstar 2 months+ to port Vice City Stories to PS2. ----------------------- But I'd say a lot of it might come down to PCs being used for productivity and work - whereas Macs would be using for creative uses given the array of creative software available for multimedia and the even bigger array of pro-software on Macs for movie editing, photography, blah... blah... So just say for photographers, graphic/web designers, people involved in multimedia - a Mac would be their choice of computer. P.S. Sorry for such a long post!
  7. I don't know how you can say that OSX is "just bad". Every operating system has its bad points... There are a lot of new features in Windows Vista which were in OSX first, so Vista is playing catch up in a sense. I wouldn't call it a bad OS, in fact its a pretty good one. Of course it depends on what you want to use it for. There is a huge amount of first party software on Macs. The thing is Windows does run everything - but at a price. To get really good software on a Windows PC you're gonna have to shaft out your money to buy it. Thats not to say that mac software is free - its just that there is quite a lot of very good first party software available on a mac straight from the box. And Macs do have quite a few "blockbuster" games available on them. I know not nearly as many as PCs but a lot of the high-profile titles. I myself prefer console gaming - in fact I don't really have any PC games, so maybe I'm not perfectly placed to debate this but titles like Halo, several EA titles like Battlefield, Sims 1 and 2 and an entire range of expansion packs, PGA tour... and games like C&C, COD, Warcraft, Max Payne (a Rockstar game) in there somewhere as well. A lot of games are ported by a company call Aspyr, but the games are still available - and I suppose thats all that really matters.
  8. Yep, the Skimmer is the only plane in Vice City...
  9. It is located on Prawn Island....There are big gates on the front. As you drive through the main road, take a left where there is a big fountain. The studios are across from that, you can't miss them. Here is a pic of what they look like:
  10. The only plane which is included in the actual game in Vice City is the Skimmer (sea plane). It can be found on a jetty at the film studios. You have to go into the film studios and there is a gate which leads to the water. There should also be a Packer truck near the gate. You will need to complete asset missions for the film studios first.
  11. Do you have a source?...or could the second one be the next console GTA because that was announced for 2006. Also, Rockstar mentioned "two new titles for the PSP system," which are not necessarily both GTAs.
  12. Yeh...I think Little Britain is really cool - and funny of course . I saw Little Britain series 1 + 2 boxset in the shop for €40, it might be even less in the sales, so I might get it then... In the last one I saw (which was recently), at the Sun Searchers travel agent, and Carol Beer was handing the copule their tickets, and she coughed in the envelope and then it echoed when they opened - that was classic!
  13. I'll post some good ones which I have taken. I think these ones are pretty cool, hope you think so...
  14. I got some DVD's and a game: - Futurama Season 4 Boxset - Family Guy Season 1 - Ratchet Gladiator (a.k.a Ratchet Deadlocked in North America) I also got a few other small things from other people like a dart board, which I haven't used yet because I have to find somewhere to put it so I won't break anything. It was my birthday a few days b4 Christmas and I got NFSMW for PSP and SAW UMD, so I'm happy.
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