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  1. Ok I know right off the back that soemones gonna say I suggested that but I just wanna list my thoughts. 1. Skates 2. Skateboards 3. Building Damage (can regenerate once turn a corner or something) 4. All Islands (multi-disc game) 5. Bring back phone missions 6. Changing players throughout game 7. Jet Ski's 8. Moutain with snow for snowboarding and sking. (Possible Ice Rink) 9. Better Traffic Control like the drivers series 10. More air traffic 11. Police on horses (highjack horses) 12. Animals 13. More variety of gangs 14. More exciting storyline (100times better ending) 15. ****4 player ALL TERRIAN BATTLE***** . players battle in james bond type environment with auto targeting disabled : loved 2 player missions but didnt like that couldnt battle each other. 16. Buying furniture for your house and select where you want it. Uhhh give me some time im sure I can think of more. I know I would be willing to pay twice as much as I paid for GTASA for a game with all this.
  2. Ok, first off I like to say that this was possibly the best game I have played so far I beat the game on November 1st and here I am on the 12th still finding things to do. About the last mission running out of the building with all that fire pissed me off, the good thing was it auto mission skipped to once you were out of the building once you beat that part. The last part of the mission actually wasnt that hard I played better mission during the actual game. AND OH MY GOD was that the worst ending you ever seen. I mean you really didnt kill the cop he killed himself. And they just stand over him. That sucked. The ending was shorter than some of the cutscenes. Anyways theres lots to love about the game cause when I saw the ending I was at 89% gang territory and 58% entire game. Where the other gang territory is I dont know. I figure that the rest of the game is in courier missions and stuff like that. I kinda missed the anonoymous phone calls like in the others.
  3. well if you dont believe me seach GTA and Wheels and PS2 there are several compatable with GTA I just said that the box says Grand Theft Auto Wheel on it. Im buying a scanner in a week or so ill scan the picture and upload it .
  4. Truckers you deliver loads. Also Highjack the trains to get loads of money after completing all levels. Trust me this may just be the biggest payoff in the game.
  5. Don't let Carl Johnson get hungry before you decide to feed him. Rockstar has added hints that your character is hungry and losing enegry. You can have you STAMINA 100% and still jog after a short period of time. Thats probably one of the biggest hints that food is needed. Also, if you know your going into a area Such as the "Badlands" where there isnt many places to eat. Try to grab a bite to eat before going on your mission. That should buy you a little while to find some places and familarize yourself with the area. HINT: Your skills will start to drop if CJ gets hungry so pay attention to your meters and remember that every time something pops up its not always gaining you could be losing.
  6. How about a PIN in the main forum with the ranks. ex. Below are the User Ranks & The Amount of post Required For Each Rank Noone Special = 0-10 Shoplifter = 11-20 Petty Theft = 21-30 Something like that, thanks I would really apperciate it if its not to much time.
  7. Once you get a little into GTA:SA you'll notice the time it takes to get from one place to another becomes more and more complicated and confusing. Theres a way to help with this. WAYPOINTS, simply open you GTA:SA onscreen map and find your destination. About half way through press O and place a waypoint there. That should keep you on the right path. NOTE. If in the city parts you may way to set a waypoint at a critical turn or where you need to go up a level, like on to a freeway ramp.
  8. I know this may at first seem like a bad idea but I have gotten pretty far in the game using these moves. Crouching if you hold R1 and move the L3 throttle you can roll from behind buildings and roll back picking off rivals one by one, or what I did was get in the middle of the street near a car and rolled around in the street back and forth locking on different targets. I used the car as a means to calm down for a sec then back to action. This may not be the course of action for all if your new to the GTA series or not familiar with the crouch and roll moves. [Possible Spoiler] This technique is extremely good when you have to take over some gang territory and need to get to a shield or heart thats nearby or even roll behind a building.
  9. Continue to play GTA:SA and you'll get a unwelcomed visit from one of Grand Theft Auto's previous stars. I wont tell you who or when but lets just say it kinda fills in that hole in the mystery of how everything got start in this certain city.
  10. Gain respect and you'll soon be able to put together yourself a sizeable gang. This is extremely beneficial for you when you must enter into a rival gangs territory. The higher your respect level the more members you can recruit at one time. After all it's not really a gang their more like family. To recruit: Lock on to member(R1) then press Up or Down on the D-Pad To release: Hold R1(Will Not Lock On Recruited Members) To make follow you: Hold R1(Will Not Lock On Recruited Members) and Press Up To make stay: Hold R1(Will Not Lock On Recruited Members) and Press Down Spoiler: Taging gang signs will help increase your respect.
  11. Tired of the age of one gun, one uzi, one shotgun. Your not alone as the makers of Rockstar have enabled Dual Weaponery frequent use of the above weapons will improve your skills enableing you to carry and shoot two gus at once and rewarding you with some other skills along the way. HINT: Random shooting of pedestrains will not help upgrade, you must be in a battle with rival gangs or the police. SPOILER: Shooting ranges can help you quickly upgrade your skill.
  12. Wow, that's all I can say. I finally got around to pluging in my Grand Theft Auto Wheel it is specially made for Grand Theft Auto users. If your one that has trouble driving or racing in paticular in GTA games then this is a must driving is as easy a real life. 1st Player Camera puts you to just about as close as you can to feeling like your actually behind the wheel. I have the feeling that this wheel was specially designed for San Andreas since the writing on the box is exactly the same as the San Andreas letters on my Game Case. Any how go pick one up trust me turn on surround sound in your house, sit a decent range from the tv, turn out all lights, and sink in to the best game ever! I got mine at BestBuy but it dosent seem to be on there website.
  13. I only put this up because i know people have other people sitting next to them sitting watch the game saying "Come On! Let me Play" so heres the location of the 2 player Rampage - Start at CJ's House - Go down Grove Street (don't turn off this road) - Continue past the Bincos(clothing store) - Continue into Idlewood - Make a right at the 1st light in Idlewood (there should be claylooking houses) - Drive all the way to the last one make a left into the complex You should see a multi-gender pink sign stand near it and press any button on the second player controller. Choose a character with the right analog then press X. NOTE: You can change the player lock by pressing Select.
  14. Theres has been several rumors about "this may be the last GTA game" I highly doubt that. I mean yes they done mafia several times and now gangs, so how can they improve. That I dont know but I have made a CD or 2 im my day and I looked at the back of the San Andreas CD ad it looks as if Rockstar only used about 20% of the CD. Now my eyes maybe misleading me but thats how it looks. As for Rockstar overdoing it I think this is a major step in the gaming industry. Never before has this been done to such a complex scale. You have many different games with in one. Pool Various Arcade Games Racing Shooting Workout BMX Flying Strategy Fighting including Boxing Shopping Dancing Car Modifying Basketball Swimming Gambling and much more...... This if you look at it from the element stand point has something for everyone from the mom who grew up playing space invadors, The dad that played Knockout Kings, the little brother playing Need for Speed, to the sister playing Sims. This game has a wide range of categories for all game lovers. Unfortunely you have to learn to do them all but that makes getting to the part you love 10 times more better. I just hope Rockstar hasnt set the bar to high that they are unable to top GTA:SA and we start looking at the same game just different scenery. As happy as I am San Andreas is out I would love to be in that Development Room when they pull out the drawing board for the next game. I have no doubt in my mind that they left somethings out for a new edition. There were also worries about the need to feed and training CJ but i have found this to be a breeze. Its not as complicated as some would think, and just playing smart you can just go about your regular missions and every once in a while when you run across a gym stop in and workout on the way or grab a bite to eat. None the less you have to admit that GTA:SA has fulfilled all you expectations and then some. Strap yourselves in as Rockstar takes us into a New Age of gameplay.
  15. Has anyone attempted to use the GTA:SA "Skip Trip" Its one of the directional buttons I have tried but have failed everytime. If someone has accomplished this task please notify me on when, where, & how. Thanks in advance.
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