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  1. tasan

    Police bikes!

    When you steal a police bike and start the siren, why isn't anybody moving out of the road when you are coming behind them like in a police car? Is there any patch for this? I have searched all over the forums, and I could not find anything. Have I missed a post?
  2. tasan

    Help! sa wont go up.

    He said he wasn't any good with computer, so I think he should go to see a dealer rather than trying to check the harddrive himself. But thats just my opinion!
  3. tasan

    Help! sa wont go up.

    If you have tried everything but the crack, I think you should try it. If you don't want to crack it or nothing works, you could go and ask you authorized computer dealer.
  4. tasan

    Help! sa wont go up.

    Oh, I'm sorry for that people! Lets hope that nobody sees it
  5. tasan

    Help! sa wont go up.

    Have you checked your CD? It could be scratches on it that prevents the game from starting. It could also be that your CD-rom is crapped up, so is mine! I always use cracks on my games to prevent the CD's from being destroyed. If you can't get it to work after you have fixed your CD, you can try to crack your game! You can find a No-CD crack here: http://www.gameburnworld.com/gp/gamefixes/...anandreas.shtml
  6. tasan

    Whos your favorite charecter?

    I like CJ best If I had to say someone but CJ I thing I would say the fat guy. I don't remember his name right now!!
  7. tasan

    (p) flying boats !

    So the "Flying Boats"-cheat does only make a boat able to jump a few meters?
  8. tasan

    How to hold the parachute?

    Yeah, thanks, that worked. But it is still one thing, (it is always one thing you know). If I don't move the camera for about 5 secounds, it jumpes back to the "standard" position behind CJ or his vehicle.
  9. tasan

    How to hold the parachute?

    OK, but another problem. The camera view is so close! And it is saying REPLAY in the corner! That did not happen in any other stunt video! So how do I change the camera view in the replay?
  10. tasan

    How to hold the parachute?

    THX! I'm going to try that now! New problem :$ How do i save a replay?
  11. I have seen that people are holding the parachute in their hand whilst falling, but I can't do it! (I am playing on PC). Also I wonder how people, in their stunt videos, can do complicated tricks and stuff, without seeing where their going. Is there some program that is changin the view in the video but not in the game? Thanks in advance, TheGTAPlace Newbie