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  1. Please note: I have searched the forum and on google for a solution beforehand and not come up with a solution or even a question the same. As most of you are probably aware, the sound quality on MP3 Radio is appauling, and I was wondering if there was a fix for this. I can understand Vice City being set in the 1980's wanting to emulate mono sound, but in that case the radio stations shouldn't be better quality than the charecters own collection - it wouldn't make sense even if he was supposed to be using atrac. So my question is this: Is there a patch, or fix or even a mod that changes the MP3 player, maybe even a mod that allows more control but has a secondary effect of cleaning the audio up. Or should I try using a different format such a WAV or WMA? Or should I re-encode my mp3 collection to a different bit rate/ sound quality? Thanks in advance for reading, DBUG.
  2. DBUG

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    I'm having a lot of trouble running GTA IV on my "business level" vaio laptop here are the specifics: It is extremely slow, takes about 30 minutes to load the game. Most of the time, I get no graphics at all. And despite have 1.7GB of video memory GTA IV is insistant that I only have 170mb. I have a quad core intel i3 and 4GB of DDR-3 Ram.
  3. DBUG

    Download GTA Vice City for 64 Bit ?

    I bought the CD-ROM from ebay (brand new) for like five dollars. It works perfectly fine on my 64-bit version of Windows 7. If your having trouble with a legitimate copy of Vice City, contact Rockstar if all else fails, there pretty helpful with problems. Sounds to me like you've illegally downloaded a image of the game and the image file is corrupt. Buy the game instead of downloading it, piracy is really uncool and you'll have a much larger chance of the game actually working if you buy it.
  4. DBUG

    Favourite missions

    I like "Sir, Yes Sir!" stealing a tank would definetly be a thrill if I had the audacity to do it in real life xD
  5. DBUG

    'Demolition Man' help please?

    If your using the PC Version you can use the "Freeze Mission Timer" cheat and "No Car Damage" this will prevent the helicopter from taking damage and prevent you from running out of time. That way you can take your time on each floor. And yes, the helicopters are really annoying in Vice City. I'm pretty sure there is a Vice City trainer that has both these cheats on hotkey if you can't find a cheat on the internet for it. If you have a console version then maybe using these cheats on a cheat device might be something to look into. If your looking to play the full game without cheats just take your time moving down each floor, as most of my damages were caused by crashing and not actual harm. I actually completed the main story without completing this quest, so you can always skip it and come back to it.