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    Skateboardin ! ! ! Bicycle ! ! ! all Xtreme sports except for skiing snowboardin and all snow sports cos my country have no SNOW and tht SUCKS!!!
  1. Spiffiez

    Help? Backup Cars file

    Ehhh?? i bought san andreas the only thing is the cd is with me friend and how am i gonna reinstall o_O without the CD? ;;
  2. uhh... hi everyone anyone has a a backup of ZR350.dff ZR350.txd Uranus.dff Uranus.dff Elegy.dff Elegy.txd Cadrona.dff Cadrona.txd Cheetah.dff Cheetah.txd Help is much appreciated... Thanks.
  3. Spiffiez

    San Andreas Multiplayer Thread - Merged

    Hey i downloaded the a sa race multiplayer when i connect to a server it shows verifying client then it shows veying fail or sumthin
  4. Spiffiez

    Drifting: How to do it?

    Hi make traction loss 0.80 engine acceleration to 0.30 steering lock to 50.0 usin sa handling editor that wad i use to drift 3 main thing when you drift press the handbrake 1 time then turn left that if the turning point if left then steer the tyre left and right to keep ballance that's all for now... my bet sry edited it and its my own way of creatin a drift handlin i didn't copy it from anyone
  5. Spiffiez

    Handling cars

    haha ive tried it well its fast yea but i cant drift i alwaes spun out and btw i've make my own handling line for driftin i use car handling editor p.s is der a group of ppl who like driftin? or a community of driftin in SA? if no tht sux
  6. Spiffiez

    Handling cars

    hello any1 gt a handling line for the car name flash and sultan?
  7. Spiffiez

    Texturing tattoos

    k i go try it now... thx p.s im usin Gimp 2.2 i cant find alpha channel
  8. Spiffiez

    Texturing tattoos

    hey first of all how do i make my own tattoos i extract a tattoo 7cross3.txd file den when i wanna edit it it jus all black so wad to do now? im soooo STUCKED....
  9. Spiffiez

    HELP PLEASE ! ! ! !

    i see means if i use v2 i cant use any trainers?
  10. Spiffiez

    HELP PLEASE ! ! ! !

    hi help me wif my problem pls... my san andreas cant read a trainer i used GTAConsole trainer but when i click Give $10m money it desnt appear pls help and it show on top No Game in Progress but i have already run my san andreas
  11. Spiffiez

    Help here?

    K nice i've tried reinstalling it... well it WORKED thx guyz....
  12. Spiffiez

    Help here?

    Thx alot u REALLY helped me... xD thx again.. erm..... 1 more thing? i put the Vorbisfile.dll file in GTA San Andreas folder and then i run the .exe and it says this The procedure entry point vorbis_synthesis_halfrate could not be located in the dynamic link library vorbis.dll sooo.... wad should i do now?? Hellp me pls?
  13. Spiffiez

    Help here?

    Hello all... Well all i really need is vorbisfile.dll can som1 send me a link or sumthin? Help is greatly appreciated.. xD
  14. Spiffiez

    Car Manual Instalation

    download the wheel mod or i think it's called the dMagic wheel sumthin sumthin ok? tht shud do it....
  15. Spiffiez

    A Naruto Skin request

    well here goes... i've tried making sasuke one of the characters from naruto well its outfit worked out well but HELL! the hair was no good? wads up? do i need a new player.dff?? or sumthin??