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  1. Heavenly_Blade

    Best Stunter (San Andreas)

    sorry gm, ghost, gof, my vote goes to wheelie because he's improved so much this year. too bad i cant vote for all GLS
  2. Heavenly_Blade

    Packer Spawning For SA Version 2. (PC)

    It will work, it just means you don't have winrar. a rar file is a compressed folder that you open with winrar.
  3. Heavenly_Blade

    Backing up music help

    if you want to play it on a cd player i'd burn it all on the 20 or 30 cd's
  4. Heavenly_Blade

    MrLlamaLlama's GFX [CLOSED]

    'I lack both the will to live and to think up some sort of witty name for this item.' i bid 10 bucks but instead of GTA i want my name at the bottom
  5. Heavenly_Blade

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    and you said you were too ugly
  6. Heavenly_Blade

    [SA]New Collab Video

    dude, give up. its dead, wheelie has no commitment.
  7. Heavenly_Blade

    PC RANT >.<

    dude, use spybot search and destroy ( free on downloads.com) AVG (free edition) and ad- aware, and set them just to notify you not delete. with spybot, dont emunize but do regular searches
  8. Heavenly_Blade

    PC Problem.

    format reload.
  9. Heavenly_Blade

    Last thing that you bought?

    how did u get a free macbook? and the last thing i bought was my lappy
  10. Heavenly_Blade

    Need a lil' help

    java and its updates are required to play certain movies and see/do things on certain sites. i don't recommend you delete them.
  11. Heavenly_Blade

    Need a lil' help

    1. back up music and vids to disk. then delete from comp. 2. same for other media or files. 3. Defrag Asap. 4.remove unused or rarely used programs, games and app. 5. desktop clean up.
  12. Heavenly_Blade

    General Tech chat.

    or we could just use this one as it already covers both.
  13. Heavenly_Blade

    General Tech chat.

    I figured this being the Computer and Tech Section its was only appropriate we have a Computer and Tech Thread. I just bought a Aspire 5100-5540 and I formated and installed XP. I had a bitch of a time doing it because Acer put in a hidden partition full of vista crap. Now I have XP and I want to get the best performance. Chris 82 said in the linux thread that he had his down to using only 20 mb of ram. my question: HOW DID YOU DO IT?
  14. Heavenly_Blade

    LCS on PC

    Some one close this please.......
  15. Heavenly_Blade


    yeah i'll stick to the live cd