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  1. Had to sleep in on the first day eh #nut

  2. I've actually gone through 15 episodes since Thursday.. considering they're 55 minutes each, I'm not sure if that's good or not...

  3. #Twitition BarbAlynWoods to play Amanda's Mother in Revenge! http://t.co/gkjfnUoI

  4. I unlocked the True Blood: Stake Five sticker on @GetGlue! #trueblood #waitingsucks http://t.co/4q9E7ZzV

  5. Aw, she does deserve it, bless her! #thevoiceuk

  6. A day ahead of lying in bed, True Blood and food to drag me back to humanity

  7. wide awake and dunno what to dooo, still feel like i could sleep, but can't resist bill and sookie #trueblood #obsessed #Zzz

  8. drunken nachos and true blood, not a bad end to the nighttt #gidfriday

  9. The night is over before midnightttt, what da feeeeckkkkk? Damnnnnnn

  10. That episode where Louis trips over the mailbox and sits saying 'awwhh' for about three minutes will always be funny #familyguy #classic

  11. I see we're back to plain, shite Scottish weather #summerinscotland ...#isshite

  12. Hooked already. It's a bit slow but reviews say it gets better. Not too bad. Episode 2... #trueblood

  13. My sunburn is soooo sore! Spotted a little bit of tan, but the rest is just peeling and itchy #notfun #pleasebrown!

  14. .. to catch up with her as a lot's happened since she's been away and she tells me to 'shut up' and stormed off. Cool. Thanks mum. #bitch