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  1. I'm new to the forum, so hi I joined because I was really struggling with the 'Flying School' mission, and after trying for hours, I could only complete the first two parts of the mission. I found the Flying School Done Save Game mod ( http://www.thegtapla...-done-game-save) and decided to try it. I did exactly as the Read Me said, but it hasn't worked. I open the game and choose the right saved game to load, but before it gets to the actual playing screen, the game crashes and shuts down. The saved game I had before still works, but I've found myself in the same position I was in before - completely unable to get any further in the game! If anyone knows a way to sort this so the mod does work, or at least has any tips on how to get past this horrible mission, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
  2. Had to sleep in on the first day eh #nut

  3. I've actually gone through 15 episodes since Thursday.. considering they're 55 minutes each, I'm not sure if that's good or not...

  4. #Twitition BarbAlynWoods to play Amanda's Mother in Revenge! http://t.co/gkjfnUoI

  5. I unlocked the True Blood: Stake Five sticker on @GetGlue! #trueblood #waitingsucks http://t.co/4q9E7ZzV

  6. Aw, she does deserve it, bless her! #thevoiceuk

  7. A day ahead of lying in bed, True Blood and food to drag me back to humanity

  8. wide awake and dunno what to dooo, still feel like i could sleep, but can't resist bill and sookie #trueblood #obsessed #Zzz

  9. drunken nachos and true blood, not a bad end to the nighttt #gidfriday

  10. The night is over before midnightttt, what da feeeeckkkkk? Damnnnnnn

  11. That episode where Louis trips over the mailbox and sits saying 'awwhh' for about three minutes will always be funny #familyguy #classic

  12. I see we're back to plain, shite Scottish weather #summerinscotland ...#isshite

  13. Hooked already. It's a bit slow but reviews say it gets better. Not too bad. Episode 2... #trueblood

  14. My sunburn is soooo sore! Spotted a little bit of tan, but the rest is just peeling and itchy #notfun #pleasebrown!

  15. .. to catch up with her as a lot's happened since she's been away and she tells me to 'shut up' and stormed off. Cool. Thanks mum. #bitch

  16. boys taking pics of themselves in the mirror... get off my fb now #cringe

  17. 'No Church in the Wild' video is awesomeee! Love Watch The Throne, jay and kanye keep getting betterrr #wemakeitoutaliveee #alrightalrighttt

  18. Gonna watch 28 Days Later, seen it before, still getting ready to pee my panties #classic #scary #28dayslater

  19. Spent about three hours today fixing my #tumblr, not that you would notice. i have nothing better to do, really. btw, http://t.co/ESsEf28s

  20. Adam Levine and Lana Del Rey would make a beautiful couple. #justanobservation @adamlevine @LanaDelRey

  21. If I get another notification from 'T on the island (crammond)', someone's getting stabbed.

  22. Missed my bed, damn, sooo comfy #Zzz

  23. Being 40-odd stone is not 'sexy', it's unhealthy and dangerous #mybigfatfetish

  24. through chaos as it swirls, it's us against the world