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    Miami Heat Wallpaper

    It's great! Can you make Houston Rockets one?
  2. DareDevilX

    can you please answer me this question?

    If you haven't played SA: Aim at the gang member and press a button(I dunno exactly which button cause I don't have PSP)
  3. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    2pac-California Love
  4. DareDevilX

    Problems with SAMP(San Andreas Multyplayer)

    That happens to me too,but my comeputer don't shut down...Can someone help us?
  5. DareDevilX

    What character from SA you like?

    C.J. and Woozie...
  6. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Madonna-Hung Up
  7. DareDevilX

    [VC] Cries In Vein

    Great video,best I ever seen.Ghost your stunts are amazing.... EDIT:Are you going to make another video soon cause I have few good San Andreas stunts.
  8. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

  9. DareDevilX

    ps3 released

    Huh....I thought it's going to be even more expensive.Does it have better graphics then PC?I'll probably buy it but I'm not sure.Maybe I'll just upgrade my PC.
  10. DareDevilX

    about Victor Vance and 8-balls

    Then Vic is not 8ball definetly.Tony is not Carls brother either.Carl won't die before 2012.Beverly is not MaCipriani............stupid ideas.
  11. DareDevilX

    Letter To Tony Blair

    toe smells like
  12. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
  13. DareDevilX

    about Victor Vance and 8-balls

    There was a 8ball bomb shop in Vice City in 1986.I think that Vic is not 8ball but maybe after he faked his death he renamed himself and opened bomb shop in Vice City,then he went to San Andreas,opened shop outthere too and finnaly he opened shop in Liberty City.It's possible...
  14. DareDevilX

    Letter To Tony Blair

    important to me
  15. DareDevilX

    Huge Vice City Stories Glitch

    i agree...
  16. DareDevilX

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome to everybody and by the way why do you think our posts are stupid?
  17. DareDevilX

    Cantr II

    Has anyone played Cantr II?It's best text based game ever.It's really really great almost as GTA.You can interact with everything around you and there are many active players too.Game is under constant development too.Try it!It's a bit hard in beggining and may seem to be complicated but later you won't be able to stop playing it!
  18. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Well we like same kind of music... Dani California-Red Hot Chilli Peppers(this song is great)
  19. DareDevilX

    Lloyd Banks Sig

    Not bad but I think it's too big.
  20. DareDevilX

    RATE Person above you

    Avatar:7/10 Sign:9/10 Person:Active person,catchy name....
  21. DareDevilX


    Maybe there's something like this in San Andreas and Vice City(previous)?