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  1. thx guys, i made this mod for about 2 days ago, its small, so it was finished same day
  2. SOLD 1 Colt 45 at 30-40 Dollars
  3. hi there, i downloaded a tool, to change a lotta stuff, so i changed carcols.dat, but i got an internal error, so is it somehow to edit it manually? thanks
  4. hey, i got exact same problem, its because GMI makes a new .GXT file, so it replaces the .GXT that u selected, so the only line is the name of the car u changed, it must be internal of the GMI, so i dont know any possible fix...sorry...but i got a possible option to change the name whit any .GXT (text editor) for GTA3, srry if its little, but im not an expert, but good luck
  5. hi there guys, im new here! im very talkative...well...not that much...anyways, i got bad temper! (yay)...nvm, nice to meet ya guys!
  6. hi there, ive made some Cheap mods, like "Tommy Rules" mod, wich i uploaded in thegtaplace.com, i searched for it some days after, to see if it was "public", and i didnt find it in the mods section (it was for GTA:VC), so i used the search thing, and i found it...but some weeks after, it was nowere, so my question is: does mods get deleted when they are not downloaded? P.S.: Tommy rules mod changed the news papers in the city, so they said "tommy owns VC".
  7. hey, i got a mod too, its called G.I.V. (Go-Inside-Vehicles) mod, it allows you to get inside the vehicles, like the ambulance, you can step in the rear part of it, i uploaded it in thegtaplace.com, hope ya like it
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