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  1. Well duh! It has to take a long time to download because it is 21.7MB If you can't download from my site then try this download link instead! http://www.gta-downloads.com/pafiledb.php?...ownload&id=4088
  2. Hey everyone check this out! It may be a long time since someone replyed in this topic however I made a stunt video for GTA3 and it is located on my site which is http://mscooldude.r8.org/ Just go into ''Downloads'' then click on "GTA3'' and it should be located there! Please give it a rating out of 10
  3. So how do you all find my new shell petrol station! Please rate it out of 10!
  4. i don't think Catalina will come back because you have already killed her in GTA3
  5. I have no idea wot your talkin about?
  6. Oh yeah! I forgot to mension that you need to do all 35/35 rampages as well!
  7. actualy if you want the best preformance graphics card, then I sudgest that you should get G-Force 7 Series (I find the Nvidia chipset the best!)
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