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    hacks and anything that your not meant too do in games ! and women

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  1. all abit expensive for a bitta fun isnt it ! lol , well anyway thanks for the info guys appreciate it
  2. i may consider gettin the pc version ! can it be ran on any laptop ? dont need some special gaming one ?
  3. its not a good idea but its fun to mix things up a little its nearly jus like having all the cheats in gta sa , u didnt even need to mod it ! but with gta iv theres very basic cheats it isnt fun you get me ????
  4. that was nasty ! but i laughed :L ive been looking everywhere hence why i cameto this page
  5. ok i joined this page as yous people seem to know quiet alot maybe absolutely everything about gta iv and i want to know how can i mod my gta iv the ballad of gay tony, ive seen people use the sky crane and skate parks ive spent hours looking on youtube and its all on xbox , i have a ps3 ! can anyone please help me would be very grateful
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