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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to find a Bobcat, but I've already got the one for Stevie, so that one won't spawn. Are there any other spots that one will spawn 100% all the time?
  2. This is a 100% savegame for GTA IV for PC. Lots of good cars and over 100,000,000 dollars! http://www.mediafire.com/download/jmwn1fwa2duyl7e/SGTA400 <-------- DOWNLOAD HERE!
  3. Hi everyone. Me and my friends (LC Brothers) play GTA IV everyday. Now it has started to get boring. We play free-mode and we are looking for a mod. This is an assignment for all modders. We have a HQ which is Goldberg,Ligner and Shyster. We are requesting a mod for Multiplayer that all of us can use. We have apartments that we have set for each of us and any feature on that would be well appreciated. Features we want are: 1. Our HQ should be marked on the map. 2. Everyone should be able to choose a personal car that cant be destroyed or unspawned fromthe game. 3. If possible we want money that we can deposit using th ATMs aruond liberty and that will be saved every time we leave and should be there at the next time we meet. 4. We act like we work in the HQ so we would like to have an animation showing that we are working.(We have specified rooms for everyone). 5. The personal car should also be marked on the map where ever we leave it and should not dissappear. Contact me- [email protected] Please attemt to do this project and put it up on media fire or some other media sharing network cause I dont check my gta place.com account Please Help guys
  4. Introduction The Miami - Dade Emergency Services Rolplaying Clan Clan is a professional GTA 4 PC community which values high degrees of role-play, and maturity. We invite skilled, and learning individuals to take part in the fun and be in a friendly environment at the same time. Recruitment If you are 13 years of age, (Or Older) and would like to apply for our community, please feel free to submit an application in the recruitment tab. Please make sure you put in effort and time into your application. We expect members who are committed and willing to improve without a moment’s hesitation. If your application is deemed well thought through, and we would to have you on our team, we will conduct an interview to see if you are qualified. Upon acceptance, you will go through a short training session which will teach you the basics of our clan and how we operate. From there, you may join our 4 main divisions that will be mentioned below. We also have multiple sub-units that are offered as well, such as K9, motorcycles, or the aviation team. Divisions The Police Division is the backbone of the Rolplaying Community. They respond to calls and help the residents of the state of Miami and Dade County Traffic Services Unit [TSU] is a division that performs traffic stops, pursuits, vehicle collisions, and much more!. Recruitment Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqj1TteV6_M APPLY TODAY http://gtaivmdpdrpc.enjin.com/recruitment
  5. ok i joined this page as yous people seem to know quiet alot maybe absolutely everything about gta iv and i want to know how can i mod my gta iv the ballad of gay tony, ive seen people use the sky crane and skate parks ive spent hours looking on youtube and its all on xbox , i have a ps3 ! can anyone please help me would be very grateful
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