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  1. If that time is spent creating a game as amazing as GTA V, I'm perfectly happy waiting another five years for GTA 6. And I really doubt I'm going to be the only person on this website to feel that way. Ultimately it's not THAT far removed from GTA IV, using elements of RDR mostly, not that that's bad in any way, but the detriments that still exist, as I pointed out with car collisions, and some minor handling, planes seem near to non-existent in the skies overhead, you can hear and not see elements around you, but that maybe due to sound design not taking into account visuals, I'll point out as well; the sound of planes close by or lawn mowers running, I've seen them lying dormant as yard fixtures but no actual peds mowing. It's still early though. Crashing a car, let me give an example, in the USA any production car has to pass safety standards, have certification and can often encounter severe penalty if it's deemed unsafe, in crash testing speeds of 5 MPH do produce damage, and speeds under 50MPH can also cause severe cost damage to your wallet. I've owned 6 cars, in about 20 years or so of driving, I know this stuff first hand. In GTA gaming, you don't get anything like real-life in that regard, not that GTA should be the Sims, but we hope for something less arcady, less the direction of Saints Row... just an example I think many people also would agree with That said, development on a pre-existing platform, engine, Middleware, all should have amounted to a shorter time span, just my way of thinking about it, but they also have to work with new hired staff, and there was rumor during the delay perhaps a tear down and rebuild of part of what makes up RAGE with Euphoria, but again, time will tell. The massive money day GTA shows is that other game makers can approach the same school of thought and perhaps win out, but to beat GTA will be damn near impossible now! GTA isn't about realism. Its about the humour and fun of the game, their replay value. Realism isn't always that great. I hope they take all the time they need to keep making truly great games.
  2. Playstation 4, No need for any argument.
  3. They're the same Sabre's as IV
  4. What any of this has to do with GTA V we shall never know. It's in the game in case you're blind as well as not too bright, which seems a given Bustago, age doesn't matter when it's shared interest, that's always the case.... Also anyone in love with someone younger or older then themselves would also disagree with your sentiment Case in point.
  5. No offence bro, but your 'middle aged guy' trying to talk to the 20 somethings thing, is getting a bit creepy.
  6. Like an MG Midget, or a short person?
  7. LA Noire, Delayed? Too fecking right, six years it took from announcement to release. Canis Canem Edit, delayed. Max Payne 3, delayed (by 2 years!). Rockstar Delay games, but only to improve them. Just shows they're not a corporate shitbox like EA, they want to make games, not just money. YES HOW DARE THEY MAKE SURE THE GAME ISN'T BUGGY AS F*** WHEN IT'S RELEASED! FUCK YOU ROCKSTAR YOU MOTHERF***ERS. Grab your molotovs and peanut butter, let's go teach Rockstar not to f*ck with us. We're gonna make that piece of s*it studio of theirs look like Christmas in Afganistan! Come on! Tun3r, mate. I will never understand you.
  8. Happy Birthday TGTAP, only 3 years until your Bar Mitzvah!
  9. Surely, No.14 that is a Tornado! And 55 that's the same brand 'Fruit' that has been around since LCS!
  10. Ohhhh did you see the Aston DB5 lookalike? Or the Jag? I Love this game already! Oh and 'TUN3R' go away, no one likes you or your trolling.
  11. AFAIK they are not in the game, but they are still written in the code. If you have the PC version I believe you can mod them in.
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