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    Video games, food, cartoons and 3D graphics, anime and manga, girls (who doesn't?), books, animals, and poking fun at lame things.

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About Me


Important Note

I've written my last story ever in the Random Topic, there won't be anymore stories now, they feature every n00b I ever shown in my stories, I think it was Raymond, Hazer, Johnny-Kazuki, Anarchy Nation, Xt0ny, Jack Thompson.


Three reasons why I'm stopping the stories.

  1. The Random Topic is not so active anymore.
  2. I've become bored of making stories.
  3. I want to go and do something new, I will now be creating comics instead.

Welcome to the profile of the most random ape on TGTAP

I enjoy playing video games, watching TV, CGI graphics, manga, non-fiction books. I also enjoy modding video games and creating films, I consider myself friendly most of the time and I have a lot of good friends here and outside TGTAP.

I'm not easily offended, the only way you can offend me is sending PM's full of toon porn mad.gif, I enjoy black humor, I used to write stories with very dark humor in the Random Topic, usually poking fun at annoying n00bs, corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen and the like in a degrading manner.

I'm also an aspiring artist, and I enjoy doing dōjinshi, I have a few done but I'm not posting them on the internet just yet smile.gif, and I have done a few 3D projects, I'm usually very tolerant to a lot of things, but there's things I hate, such as whingebags who complain about video games corrupting children (grow the fuck up, your parents probably said the same thing about television when it came out). I'm thinking of making an account on DeviantArt but I'm not quite up to it yet, if you give a shit I might just tell you where to find it...(actually, just fucking forget it!)


But apart from that I'm pretty friendly and fun to hang out with, online anyway bleh.gif