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  1. If u wanna see really really REALLY bad draw distance play sabatuer. Cant see 1 block ahead of u
  2. Thats a interesting point. Tommy was a psychopath like trevor. Franklin is the young kid trying to find his way and Michael seems seems harmless cause Hes under witness protection just like Claude was seen as harmless till he off'ed a bunch of people.
  3. i dont think there related but they do look alot alike. trevor looks much older than michael and southern while michael looks like a middle aged adult with money. i ersonally think if r* made them related it would be a little rediculous
  4. The only feature im gonna be really anal about is modded guns. I want to be able to shoot someone with a silenced rifle and have no cops on me. Also the cops in Gta 4 were super cops no matter how u killed someone they found out. Driving cars in Gta 4 was like driving a canoe so fix that too
  5. I was never a big fan of swimming in either Gta's so i could really careless about the sprawling lake and oceans you can explore and dive in. I just want customizable guns and cops that will try to arrest u if u shoot somebody in the middle of nowhere
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