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    um well t.v .......... my console internet .... tennis
  1. solidsnake

    Word Association

  2. solidsnake

    Introduce Yourself..

    hello i am from the old fourm to but back then i was called Bionic Bungle. in the old fuorm i made about 1 post. now for all the 3000000000 out there who do not know what Bionic Bungle is i shall now tell you. about 1 year ago me and some friends (crazy chicken being one of them) thort it would be fun to wast our break doing rubish drawing of things. but now we think it is so much more fun to right books.
  3. solidsnake

    his dark matirieal

    has eneny one seen his dark matiriels the play?
  4. solidsnake

    Bigger Genius.

    i did not vote because they both are crap.
  5. solidsnake

    fave sport

    i can`t belive england lost to irland in rugby nooooooooo
  6. solidsnake

    best ever freebe

    the best freebe has got to be buy gamecube for 90 punds and get 4 zelda games free and mario:dd
  7. solidsnake

    Favourite Wrestler

    i grow out of whaching wrestling 6 years ago. wrestlers are sad how can youwach some gay men in pants pretend to hert people.
  8. solidsnake

    Favourite Console

    come on gamecube is by far the best. o.k so it does not have gta but it does have grate games like zelda and mario and so what if it looks a bit babyish i would like to see the man/who did not get scared playing resevel games and we are geting metal gear . oh ye by the way come to my wed site at ? vote gamecube p.s gamecube has the best controller