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  1. right i have installed sa-mp 0.2.2 and i have done the downgrade but it said (nothing to do files already updated) so i click on samp and no servers and it will not let me click connect.
  2. Am going to reopen The Venato Mafia
  3. DAVE!!!!! your back please stay

  4. i think am going to use that VM logo what i made am thinking of reopening The Venato Mafia
  5. Bryan Adams - Everything I Do I Do It For You i love this song
  6. yep thats great keep it up anyway am going to bed i have college in a few hours
  7. no the grand theft auto text good but the its san andreas text but you cant really see it that much so that does not matter
  8. thats great all you need to do but it does not matter is the text
  9. all the other pictures are good its just the gangster with the AK-47 he looks blury and you see the helcopter in the background it looks like a blob i only just made it out there just the two things you need to change.
  10. try doing one word at a time and move them into place
  11. 6/10 can you see the little white spots on the text where you can see where you have cut them out try the best can when cuting out things and you see the gangster how inky he looks i can see you changed it a bit by using filters and its blur so you cant see the gangster very well thats what you need to change make sure when you cut the gangster and the helcopter dont put any filters on keep it the same way you found it and the text if you cant cut it out better try finding the gta font and the san andreas font. EDIT: i changed it a forgot a few letters read it again
  12. shamon mother fucker heaaaaaaaaaa heaaaa
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